Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Dog Park Looked Like Moon Dust And Smelled Like BBQ Beans

It's meeeeeeee Daisy!

While I was out in California last week, something pretty great
happened. I finally went to my first off leash dog park! The entire
time I was on this trip, I had been dreaming about running free
at a park with my naked fur blowing in the wind. Not only did
I run naked in the park, I also met a man dog!

"Diego, stop trying to sniff my butt!"

"I feel like you are crossing my sexy boundary line right now."

"Diiiieeegooooo! Where are you Diego? I am your girlfriend now,
don't run from me!"

I had a pretty fun time at the dog park. I am not sure if Diego is
my soul mate, but we tried. Tomorrow, I am going to show you
my final day in California, including some of my glamour
shots by the water.

I hope you have a sexy Wednesday!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

California Makes Me Hungry For Meatball Treats

Hi Everyone!

Daisy and I wanted to share the first leg of our Bay Area trip
with you. We decided to make the 9 hour drive from Vegas to
the Bay, and I was anticipating Daisy to go a little stir crazy
in the car. Daisy's vet had advised me to give her half of
a Benadryl to calm her car anxiety, and it worked!
She was calm and collected the entire time.

"Who said anything about being collected,
I am high as a kite right now."

"Who has the cheese puffs? I need a little snackie."

We checked into our hotel, and Daisy settled right in.

"These are my pillows right? Call the front desk and tell them
I am going to need extra pillows, extra shampoo and extra
toilet paper. I had some turkey earlier, and I don't know
what's going to happen in the bathroom later."

"Extra toilet paper now!"

After we unpacked, I felt like I had to make the long car ride
up to Daisy, so I took her over to her favorite dog boutique
in Half Moon Bay.

"Gimme some of those meatball treats. I can smell them from here."

"I just made up a song right now. Here we go.
Meeeeeatbaaall treats are soooo delicious, and I looooove them."

"Pleeeease. I said please, now give it!"

Once Daisy ate a few of her treats, we went over to visit
our grandma at Skylawn Cemetery. While we were there,
Daisy decided to take a poo on someone. Yep, she literally
took a poo on someone.

"Listen, to be fair, it was a tiny poo and I cleaned it up."

"I have been doing a ton of butt flexes lately. Can you tell?"

"This view is fantastic. If I wanted to ride one of those deer
over there, how would I do that?"

Tomorrow I am going to show you part two of our trip.
I'll give you a hint, it has something to do with Daisy meeting
a sexy man dog! Daisy and I hope you have a great Tuesday!

Monday, August 29, 2011

When I Go On Trips I Pack Treats, A Pair Of Red Boots And A Leather Cape

Hi Everyone!

It's meeee Daisy!
How was your weekend? I just got back from visiting California
with my mom. I haven't been able to upload all of my photos yet,
so instead of giving the details of my trip away on today's post,
I have added a sexy photo of my pug face instead.

"You'll never know it by my model gaze, but I just unloaded
a monster fart on your lap."

Check back tomorrow for a post about my trip!

Monday, August 1, 2011

August Is For Relaxing And Putting ChapStick On Your Lips

Hi Everyone!

"Can you believe it's already August?"

"I'm really looking forward to August because on the 3rd it's
National Watermelon Day, and on the 6th it's National Mustard
Day. I'm mostly excited for National Relaxation Day on the 15th.
I really need to plan ahead for that day since I plan on
relaxing pretty hard."

"I think I might make a t-shirt for myself to celebrate Relaxation
Day. It's probably going to read, I am not listening, and I also
can't get up right now because I'm relaxing. Just bring the
food over to me and put it in my mouth. Bring me my
ChapStick too, my lips need moisture."

"Look at my eyeball right now. Look how serious
I am about August. I love August."