Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Blowing In The Desert Wind

Hey Everyone!

Penny has been indoors most of the day
due to the severe wind we're experiencing.
If you ever want to see what a giant tumbleweed
looks like blowing across a major freeway, come here.
Let me blog to you, those things are not soft.
They are very hard and crunchy. Like a bag
of uncooked ramen noodles.

"Did you say noodles? I'm hungry. Do you think
they make whipped cream flavored toppings for
ramen noodles? When are we going to
Starbucks for my whipped cream?"

Penny and I hope you are having a great Tuesday!

Monday, March 29, 2010

I Need A Pug Color Specialist Stat!

Hi Everyone!

Penny and I got an early start this morning to
work on some pug projects. It's also been really nice
out lately, and I have taken that opportunity to get
Penny out. She has been exercising her beefy
backside, and I think she is starting
to get into shape.

Penny is pretty content with her pug shapely body.
The only thing that seems to bother her
confidence level is this:

"Do you see these gray hairs on my chin?
I think they're multiplying. Are you sure there
aren't that many? You're telling the truth
right? Because I can't see for myself."

To get her mind off this gray chin issue,
we're going to Starbucks for some whipped cream.
Penny and I hope you have a great Monday!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Put My Sweater On, We're Going Out

Penny and I hope everyone's weekend
is going well!

Penny finally had the chance to squish her pug toes
in some grass today! Don't let her pug facial expression
on the photo below fool you, she had fun. I just couldn't
get a straight shot of her standing still. She was
either taking a number 2 when I tried to snap
a photo, or walking away.

This is the only park in a 30 minute radius of us,
that has a ton of non-dead, non-poop grass. There are usually
a butt load of kids that come to this park. It can
sometimes be a problem, because Penny and I run
in the other direction when they
come near us.

You'll usually find me screaming to whoever can hear me,
"There's a kid over there, and he's following me.
Do something to make him stop!!" I know, I'm
ridiculous. I just wasn't born with the,
I like children gene. Just the,
I love animals gene.

Did anyone have the chance to get out, and do
something outdoors this weekend?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Don't Wake Me Up

Hi Everyone!

Penny and I started our day off really early this morning.
We headed out, and drove to the airport for a passenger drop
off. We drove through the tangle of cab drivers and pedestrians,
and finally got home without a ticket, or hitting someone
whoohoo! If you're wondering why I am so proud of this,
you have never been in the car with me. I would
rather run 5 miles, than drive somewhere.
I don't like it at all. It's not one
of my strong suites.
Sumo wrestling is.

However, I am Penny's personal driver and assistant,
so I have to get over what I want. It's always what
Penny wants. She would never walk to Starbucks.

"You didn't think I woke up looking this sexy
did you? This kind of sexy takes some prep work.
Don't ever wake me up that early again, or
you will have to buy me an unlimited
supply of whipped cream. You will
also have to spoon feed it to me...
with a really big spoon."

Do any of you feel the same way about mornings?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sexy Pug Crafts

Hi Everyone!

Penny and I have been busy crafting these past
few days. We're in the process of making
some stickers and decals. We're hoping
to get some car decals soon too!

"Does my sexy facial expression match what you
put on my stickers? When are we going to Starbucks?
I really need some whipped creamsies."

Nothing says I love pugs, like a giant pug face
on the back of your car hehe. We can't wait!
We're going to make a pug decal so huge,
people will be shocked. Shocked by
how big it is, and by how sexy
it is.

We'll be sending out some samples soon,
and we would love to send them out
to our blog friends to see what
you think about these!

Penny and I hope you are having a great

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Weekend Shades And Whipped Cream Career Trades

Hey Everyone! Happy Saturday!

It's meee, Penny.
Do you like my shades? I picked these up at Walgreens.
I was taking a poop the other day, and I thought to myself,
why don't they make cooler, more comfortable shades for dogs?
Especially sexy blind dogs. I decided to make a pair
for myself. I'm running out of duct tape, and
bendable plastic, so it may take me a while
to construct the perfect pair.

Anyway, I'll be busy working on this idea over the weekend.
I'll probably go on my Twitter account and pug tweet,
catch up on some cartoons, and go to Starbucks for
my whipped cream. We still don't have any grass
in our complex, so most likely, I'll be
taking some heavy duty poops on
the carpet.

My mom can put newspaper down for me and pick
it up. I'm not worried about it. That's what
she signed up for. It's her job.

I might also take a 22 hour nap.

Perhaps make some ice tea and invite over this sexy man dog
I've had my eye on. I'm not looking to get into anything serious.
There are so many sexy man dogs out there. I can't
mentally handle the thought of having to
commit to just one.

I hope you have a great weekend! Make sure
you get some whipped cream, and
delicious snacks!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sexy Dentures

Hey everyone!

Penny and I got this idea after Laura,
Salingers mom,
posted this to her Facebook page.
We couldn't resist!

This is pretty awesome, and a little disturbing at the
same time. But, we love it!

I'm pretty sure if Penny could communicate with
everyone in English, this is what she might

We hope you have a sexy Thursday!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Excuse Me, Where's The Grass?

This Morning, Penny and I were awakened by
the sound of jackhammers. We figured our condo
people were fixing the sidewalk. Then, we
went outside and saw the destruction.

"Are you serious with the loudness?
Take it down a notch, I haven't had my
whipped cream yet! I'm also trying to tell
a story here!"

"Rawr! Do you see these crumbs on my face right now?

Penny's beloved grass was gone! All of it!
Well, technically it was still there, but it was
in a big heap. No one mentioned to the people and pets living
here, there would be no grass for a week! What are all of the
dogs supposed to do their business on, the sidewalk?

"What in the name of the beefy pug
is going on here? Umm, is that dirt?
No, I'm not touching it."

Girl.. I don't think so.
This is what it came down to.
Penny will not go on dirt, but sometimes
she will go on newspaper.

We are happy our association is willing to
put new grass in, but let a pug know

Monday, March 15, 2010

Ice Cream Man, I'll Take A Cherry Pop

Hey Everyone!

Penny and I weren't up to much over the weekend.
We were pretty happy about the 70 degree weather
that hit Las Vegas today. It has been super
windy and cold up until today. Now, we
can go for longer walks, and throw
Popsicles at people from
our balcony!

We can only do this in warmer weather.
It just feels wrong to do it in the winter.

It's always been a dream of mine to own an
ice cream truck with a pug painted on the back.
Penny would be my sidekick, and we would ride around all
day blasting Michael Jackson, and throwing ice cream
at those walking by. We would hopefully turn a
profit, when we weren't pelting people with
ice cream. Don't worry, Penny and I would
never hit any of you with a fudge bar!

My brother agreed to join the team if we became
successful. Until that dream is alive,
we'll settle for throwing it from
my balcony.

What are you up to this week?
Is it getting warmer where you live?

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Addicted To The Drive-Thru

Penny decided to take her new sweater for a spin
at Starbucks today. She was extra feisty at
the drive-thru. I think it was because
she felt sexy. She almost jumped out
of the car, and into their coffee
window. She was making noises
I have never heard before.
She sounded like a
pug gremlin.

"Hi! It's Meeee! I would like a tall
cup of whipped cream, and 35
napkins on the side."

"Ooh I like it. So whippy and creamy.
I'm not super worried about my weight,
because I already have a six-pack of love."

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sexy Mail Package

Hi Everyone!

Penny and I hope you are having a great week.
We wanted to share with you, one of Melissa's creations
we ordered from her PugNotes Etsy shop.

I ordered Penny the medium
Purple Body/Lavender Bobbles/Lime Collar
sweater vest, and it looks pretty sexy on her!
I'm excited to finally have a little sweater for
Penny to keep her warm. All we had up until today,
was a Holiday sweater with a snowman on it.
I always had to explain to the Starbucks
baristas why a sexy pug is wearing a
Holiday sweater in mid March.

Melissa did a great job!
We've seen quite a few other pugs
wearing her sweater vests, and we
think they make every dog look super
sexy! We can't wait to see what she
comes out with next.

"Hey boys. Wink Wink."

"Take it in. You like what you see?
How does my pug butt look in my sweater?"

"I am going to have so many
man pugs hitting on me. I'll have
to fend them off with beef jerky sticks.
Mmm beef jerky sounds good right now."

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sexy Pug Bunny Ears

Penny and I know it's not Easter yet.
But, if Target can put out Easter cards a
month and a half in advance, we can put
up an Easter inspired photo!

"Listen up human. I'm trying to listen to my
Spongebob cartoons that I had to record, after you
insisted on taking me on a road trip. Now, you
mock the Easter Bunny with my pug ears?
I could use a refill on my whipped
cream. Go take care of that.
I love you."

Monday, March 8, 2010

Packing Light Weighs Us Down

Hi Everyone!

Penny and I just arrived back from California,
and we had quite an adventure! We had a laundry
list of things to do while we were in the Bay Area,
but we squeezed in some fun, and stopped in
Casa De Fruta on our way back to Vegas!

As many times as Penny and I have traveled back and
forth from Vegas to California, we had never stopped
in this town. We finally did, and it was magical.
There were peacocks crossing the street, and a
carousel that made us feel like we were in
The Lost Boys, minus the boardwalk,
ocean and vampires.

And then there was this photo opportunity.

We also had a little chat with a highway patrolman
on our way back, who handed us a nice piece of paper
stating we disobeyed the speed limit.

To get out of the ticket, I really wanted to turn to
the policeman and say, "Officer I have an astronaut
diaper on. Have you ever worn one? It gives a
rash, and I am in a hurry to take it off."

As entertaining as that would have been for me,
I probably would have found myself in handcuffs.
No one ever lets me have any fun.

Penny is unwinding, and has been sleeping
all day! She has missed her drive-thru Starbucks.
We hope you had a sexy Monday!