Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sexy Pug Dreams

She's so peacful when she sleeps.
Just not in this video. Penny looked
like she was having a nightmare the other
night, and I thought I would get the
episode of creepy eye rolls and
twitches on video.

Maybe she was having a nightmare
about someone stealing her whipped
cream. The horror!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

After Christmas Pug Special

Penny and I hope everyone had a great weekend!
Christmas is over, but the sexy photos
will last forever.

Penny spent most of Christmas and the weekend
sleeping. She enjoyed her new toy, as well as
getting into all the gifts, and jumping through
the big piles of wrapping paper that accumulated
over the day.

"I just put a Holiday spell on you.
Now, you will bring me all the whipped
cream I ask for, and buy me an extra fluffy
comforter for 2010."

After Christmas Nap Time.

Merry Christmas and a Sexy New Year!

Penny With Her Mini Pugs

We're getting ready for New Years, and can't wait
to see how everyone will be ringing in the new year!
Penny will probably have a few drinks...just kidding.
She'll probably pass out by 9:30, just as the night
is getting started.

Penny and I hope everyone has a fun
and safe New Years!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Penny and I want to wish everyone a
Merry Christmas! We can't wait to
read your blogs and see how
everyone spent the

I'm sure Penny will also want to see what
types of toys the pugs received. She needs to
start making her wish list for next year.

Penny couldn't wait to unwrap her gifts.
She tore all the bows off the gifts under the tree.
She even unraveled a few bows, so I couldn't stick them
back on the gifts. Yes, I reuse pug slobbered bows.
In my book, it's Ok to re-gift and reuse these
even with a few acquired teeth marks.

"I'm taking this, and you can't
stop me!"

"Trade me. I'll give you the bow,
and you give me eight pieces of
kibble. Then, we'll do it
all over again."

"I have no idea what you're talking about.
This bow was already unraveled on the
floor. I just found it like this."

"I promise, I'll never steal
another bow again. I love you.
Merry Christmas!"

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wake Me When Santa Gets Here

Do you see something sexy in my bed?
Does the row of head wrinkles give her away?
Penny has been burrowing herself under the covers
all day long, only emerging for food. She
loves my comforter. She has requested I
buy her one for Winter. She's been
hibernating for the day, saving
as much energy as she can
for Santa!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It's Snow Time!

Penny and I went to the snow today.
We didn't stay long, but we had fun!
It was freezing, and there were tons of
tourists on the mountain for a little
pre-Holiday vacation time.

Penny doesn't know anything about taking vacations.
Everyday is a vacation for her!

"This is the longest car ride ever!
Are we there yet? Spongebob in on in 20 minutes.
Think we'll be back by then? It's the season finale,
so it's a pretty important time in my life!"

"Did you hear me? Did you bring me any
snacks? I could really use some chicken strips
right about now. Do you think we could
stop by Denny's and pick some up?"

"While we're in the car, how about you
tell me what my Christmas gifts are. I can't wait
till Friday! Whisper it in my ear and I'll
pretend like you never told me."

Taste the rainbow.
Penny and I once traveled to the bottom of a rainbow.
We thought there might be gold. There wasn't.
That leprechaun was a liar!

"I'm the pug of the world on this tiny
snow cliff!"

"Ok thats enough, I'm cold. Turn on the
heater and let's get this car
headed in the direction
of some food."

"I wonder how much this wooden statue weighs?
This would look magical on the lawn of that
dog who keeps pooping on my grass."

Penny and I hope everyone had a
great Tuesday!

Monday, December 21, 2009

A Very Vegas Christmas

I went downtown yesterday to finish up some
last minute shopping. I also wanted to see how
Las Vegas does Christmas. I expected to see tons
of Christmas trees erected in the shopping centers
and hotels, but surprisingly, I didn't see many
traditional trees or decorations. But, you
have to expect the unexpected in this
town. After all, this is Vegas.
Instead, this is what I saw.

A blue man.

Gondola rides.

Whoopie the wax figure.

Singing statues.

An aquarium of fish.

Check out the big sexy lips on this guy.

I'm not sure what to make of this,
but it's pretty creative.

Finally we come to a Christmas tree!

Penny and I hope everyone has finished up their
shopping. It's time to relax, bake some
cookies and get ready to open
those gifts!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

One Week To A Pug Christmas

Hey everyone!

Penny and I have been very busy getting ready for
Christmas. We picked out a tree the other day.
It's currently being propped up on one side
by a kitchen bowl. The trunk is crooked
and because of this, the water bowl
is bent, and so is the tree.
But it looks beautiful!
You can't even see
the tupperware
underneath :)

I thought it would be very decorative to buy a
tree skirt resembling fluffy white clouds and
cotton candy. Apparently, it resembled
cotton balls, because Penny tried
to eat every last bit of it!
I had to remove it.
Rest in Peace
cotton candy
tree skirt.

"What? Oh you mean this isn't a sugary cotton ball?
Look, it kind of matches my gray chin. Anyway,
back to my point. I don't understand why
you're saying I can't eat this.
It looks like a giant cotton
ball. You know I can't
resist those. So

We're also in the process of wrapping gifts!
I'm not a show wrapper, so when I finally
got a few gifts to look presentable,
Penny crushed my victory. She
literally crushed one of
my gifts with her beefy
pug butt and sat
on it.

"Is this mine? Can I have it? Are you sure this isn't mine?
I promise I won't eat the tree skirt again if you let
me have this present."

"I'm tired. Clear this wrapping paper up.
I don' like sleeping with Santa on the
wrapping paper looking at me.
It's creepy."

We baked some thumb-print cookies as well, but I
ate them all before I could take a photo.
I'll be making more! What kind of
cookies and desserts does
everyone make for the

Aside from her whipped cream, Penny really
enjoys the cookies that look like vanilla
Oreos with the cream filling from Petco!
I usually buy a few for her and call
them pug Holiday cookies.

Hooray for Petco's cookie snack bar!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I Have A Secret

"Come closer. I have something I want
to whisper in your ear."

"I just farted."

"I Love You."

"What's the hold up with
that whipped cream you
promised me?"