Wednesday, June 20, 2012

If She Had A Mini Horse She Wouldn't Need To Use Her Dog Bed As A Means Of Transportation

Hi Everyone!

Daisy tore her new dog bed apart yesterday, 
and then she tried to move it into the bathroom.
I'm thinking about setting up a Paypal account
to raise funds for all the dog beds I am
going to have to buy Daisy over the
next few years.

"What? I got bored."

"I really hope I get a mini horse for Christmas...
If I get a mini horse, I am going to name him Little Jimmy J."

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Seattle Pug Gala Was Filled With Sexy Pugs Who Were Looking To Party Their Wrinkly Faces Off

Hi Everyone!

What have you been up to lately?
Bruce, Daisy and I went to the Seattle Pug Gala a few days ago,
and we had a a lot of fun. We were so excited to attend our first
pug event here in Washington, and also be able to support the
Seattle Pug Rescue at the same time.

"We saw a luxurious dog bed at one of the tables. 
We would like you to buy it for us. If you don't buy the bed for 
us, we're going to take a gigantic poo right here in the middle 
of the Gala. You'll never live that down. Let that sit with you 
for a minute. Luxurious dog bed now!"

At the Gala, we met some really cool pugs and their humans.
We even had the opportunity to meet Winston Wilbur
and his mom! Winston's pal Dickens also came
along for the event.

Winston is super sexy. Bruce and Daisy wanted to
hang out with him all afternoon. Bruce was even trying to get
Winston to come with him to pick up on the ladies.

We also met Judy and her pugs!
Here are a few more photos I took at the Gala:

"This red necklace is nice. Is this jersey?"

This man pug at the Gala was so cute. 
Daisy was completely in love with him.

"Yeah, he's my boyfriend. Don't be jealous because I have a new boyfriend every week."

"These are all my raffle winnings right? Wait, what do you mean 
we didn't win any raffle prizes? I'm taking these! Buy me some 
nachos at the snack stand. Bruce and I are getting hungry."

"I thought I told you to get me some nachos. Nachos now!"

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

No Parking In The Sexy Pug Red Zone

"Uh-oh. Someone better call the police. Two sexy
pugs are parked in the red zone."

"We changed our minds about calling the police. 
We might have an outstanding warrant out for our arrest. 
All we can say is that it involved a burrito, a taco truck and some spicy hot sauce."

"Check out my rear cheeks. Do they look toned to you?
I've been walking up a lot of hills lately."

"I found a Cheerio in my jogging shorts the other day.
It was still crunchy and delicious after all this time. Okay, I didn't
find the Cheerio in jogging shorts. I actually found it on the floor.
Don't judge me!"

We hope you have a super sexy week!

Friday, June 1, 2012

They Spotted A Goose Riding A Jet Ski As They Were Eating Their Sandwiches By The Lake

"Can we have a turkey sandwich? Make us a turkey sandwich 
on whole wheat bread now! No mustard, just mayo. If we could 
get some of those little baby pickles sprinkled on the 
sandwich that would be great too. Also, we would like a 
New York Times. We've got to do some business later. 
Business of the poo form if you know what we mean. 
Wink Wink."

"I wonder if Subway delivers... 
We could really go for a five dollar footlong right about now."

"Five. Five Dollar. Five Dollar Footloooong.
Smokin' soy balls, what do you mean they don't deliver?"

Have a great weekend!