Saturday, February 27, 2010

Carry Me Please!

Hey everyone!

Penny and I hope you are having a great weekend!
Penny and I went for a few walks before the
rain came out to play.

"This bush smells strange. Who's been man
peeing on my bush??"

"I think there's a sexy dog coming
my way. How is my fur looking?"

As you can see from these photos, sometimes I wonder who
is taking who for a walk. It's clear to me now,
that Penny walks me.

Penny is usually good about walking around our complex
without throwing a tantrum, but this weekend was

It took about 10 minutes to get Penny to walk to the front
door. Then, after I carried her down the stairs, it took
another 10 minutes to get her to move away from the
grass and start the process of a walk.

"I have done my business, now carry me
back to my palace!"

I should have videotaped her stubbornness to show our
vet how hard it can be to get Penny to exercise.
If she's not walking toward whipped cream,
the walks can be extra difficult.
If Penny does not feel like
taking a walk, she does
not walk.

"Stop being so lazy! I don't want to hear
you complain, or say anything about my
beefy pug size."

"Put some human muscle into it!"

If we are in the middle of the street and Penny doesn't
feel like going any further, I have to carry her back home.
I can't really blame her. I have spoiled her for so
long, and called her sexy, that now, she tells
me when we go for walks. And she makes me
carry her.

"Does this angle make my rolls look big?"

Do any of you carry your pugs when they don't
feel like going any further? At least the
humans get a little exercise!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Spay Day 2010


Happy Wednesday!

Is it the weekend yet?
While Penny and I have been busy getting ready for our
trip, I almost forgot to enter Penny in the Humane Society
Spay Day Photo Contest! I remembered just in time.
The cutoff is February 26th, so all you sexy
animals should enter!

Penny and I never enter these contests to win, because let's
face it, there are a lot of sexy furry animals out there!
But, I do like to donate as much as I can to the
organizations that really help animals and
bring awareness to them.

I love the Humane Society of the United States.
I would love to work for them one day. If that's not
a bonus in itself, they are also located in New York!
My favorite city!

Hold on, let me click my non existent glittery red heels
for some money to relocate. Ok, back to reality. Even if you
don't enter, check out the photos, and maybe spare a few dollars
for the organization and the animals they help.

Penny and I hope you have a sexy Wednesday!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Drive-Thru Baby

Hey everyone!

Hope your week is off to a good start.
Penny and I are getting ready for a little trip
we will be taking next week. We're going to the Bay Area
for a few days. We're really looking forward to the trip,
but not so much the 9 hour drive it's going to take to get
there. It will be Penny's first big trip since she went
blind. I think she's going to do just fine, but she'll
have to get used to her new surrounds for a few days.

As long as she has her snacks, she will be OK.
Can you believe there are no drive-thru Starbucks near
San Francisco! Penny will be disappointed. It makes me realize
how lazy I have become since moving here. Everything has a
drive-thru in Las Vegas. I'm not just talking about the
food and drink either.

We have drive-thru dry cleaners, drugstores, mail centers,
wedding chapels, pawn shops, flower stores, get the
picture. Pretty much the stores you would walk into in most
towns, you drive through here. I'm surprised they don't
have a drive-thru dating service. For dogs and people.
Penny could meet her man pug match here in Vegas.
Girl...unpack the pug lace panties.

"My man pug should be beefy. He needs to
be strong, and I want him to feed me
whipped cream."

I could easily pack on the pounds if I participated
in the drive-thru extravaganza. I want to drive up to
a hair salon and say, "Excuse me, can you have someone
jump in my car and give me a perm. I need my hair did,
like now."

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sexy Tiger Sunday

Happy Sunday!

Penny loves Sundays.
She has more time to think about her life,
and take longer poops.

"Did you say we are going to Starbucks?
Because if you want me to go anywhere else,
you'll be carrying me like a big sexy baby."

Speaking of weekends, I came across this sexy tiger at the
Venetian the other night. I thought it was pretty extravagant.
Has anyone seen this in person? It's huge! And more importantly,
can I order one? One of these sexy bad boy tigers would
complete my front yard set!

It's too bad they wouldn't let me climb over the security
rope, straddle the tiger, and have someone take a photo of me.
Then again, this is Vegas. If they let me do something like
that, they would have a lot of drunk, half-naked people
trying to ride a huge tiger next to the nightclub.
Oh how I love this town.

Penny and I hope everyone is having
a great weekend!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

I'll Stick That Thermometer Where The Sun Doesn't Tan

Penny and I hope everyone is having
a sexy Thursday!

Penny's appointment went well the other day. Her doctor said she
is doing great! We happened to be put in the only room in
the facility that had a pug weight loss theme.
Penny and I felt like we were trapped in a
Weight Watchers for pugs meeting we
couldn't escape.

Of course, the topic quickly turned to Penny's weight.
Penny weighed in at 9lbs...X3. As the doctor kept going on
and on about fasting and weight loss supplements,
all Penny and I could think about was, what
time does Starbucks close? And, I wonder
what size cup they will put Penny's
whipped cream in today.

I thought it would be best not to mention that
we were heading over to Starbucks after the appointment.
Penny had to be compensated for the mental stress
I put her through. I didn't think the doctor
would understand Penny's whipped cream

Penny was so mad at me after she received her
shots, she refused to face me!

"Where are the donuts?!?"

"Make it extra whippy and creamy today, I
just had someone stick a thermometer in my

When we got home, it was time for
a nap.

Hooray for a clean bill of health!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I Don't Step On Scales

Penny and I hope everyone is having a great week!
Penny has been enjoying the Las Vegas staying
inside. She went for a few walks too, and exercised her
beefy backside.

She has an appointment with her doctor tomorrow for her
check-up and shots. I'm getting an ulcer just thinking about
putting her on that gigantic scale. It tells no lie!
I'll probably tell her doctor that she had a
really big lunch, and we're working on
the exercise part.

"Girl please...I only exercise when I have to
go outside and take a poo."

"I thought I just told you that I don't have
to poo. Stop trying to make me go outside!"

"This conversation is over. Go get me
some whipped cream."

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Fluffy Comforter

Hi everyone!

It's me Penny! Not much has been happening
lately. I have been trying to convince my mom
that since it's almost Valentines Day, I deserve
more treats, and more time in bed snuggled in
my comforter.

I was checking my mail yesterday, and I received this!

It's a Valentines Day card from Pugsley and Lola!
They are so sweet and sexy! Thank you!

My mom didn't send out any Valentine
cards this year, but I promise
I will post photos of me
in sexy lingerie or

Maybe I'll just post a photo of me giving a sexy face pose.
I haven't worked out very much, so I may keep any lingerie
I have in the drawer until next year.

I hope you are having a great Wednesday!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Temperature In California

Penny and I traveled to California this weekend,
and something extraordinary happened.
It was life changing. Penny and I
found the worlds largest

I have to admit, I thought this thermometer would be more
exciting. I thought it was going to actually look like a real
thermometer. You know, the kind with a long glass tube you can
stick under your tongue, or in your butt depending on how
you like it. Apparently everyone else must have felt
the same way as Penny and I did about it, because
the store that became famous adjacent to the
thermometer closed, and the
thermometer itself is
hardly lit up.

I know what you must be thinking, how will the world get by
without this giant thermometer when they decide to close
it down? I'm not sure. But, if they ever need someone
to take this off their hands, I'm their gal.

There are a lot of people who have wronged me who deserve
a giant thermometer in their butt. The world's largest
thermometer will not have died in vain!

Penny and I also found a burger boy, who kind of
had my hairstyle. We also passed a road we
couldn't really pronounce, but it looked
really cool on the sign!

Penny and I hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Pack The Cheese Puffs For This Trip

Penny and I are taking a little road trip tomorrow!
We'll let you know where we went when we get back.
It's a secret! Do you think we can be arrested
for having an open container of
whipped cream in the car?

Do you have any plans for this Super Bowl weekend?

"Girl... put my whipped cream on ice, and
pack the cheese puffs. Let's get
the car rolling."

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It's Wednesday And Sexy

Penny had an exhausting day yesterday.
She took a little trip to Starbucks, and had her
whipped cream fix. We had a guest over as well,
and Penny did not like him being in her personal space.
She guards me intensely, to the point where she
almost loses her pug voice because
of barking.

Penny has s special personality.
She is not the most sociable pug with certain
people, especially with men. I would never change her
though. She is who she is. Being blind certainly
hasn't made it any easier for her to let her
guard down and become comfortable. She
really loves people that are animal
lovers and just generally nice
people. I think she can
sense when people are
not comfortable
around her.

So she makes it a point to make them

Our guest had asked several times if Penny would bite.
I never say no for sure, because that's like asking me
if I would ever hit someone. You just never know in
certain situations. But I can say that she will
slap the beef out of certain people if they
don't supply a steady amount of whipped
cream. That's a serious situation.
Never deprive a sexy
pug of her

No one puts Baby, I mean Penny in the corner.

"I'm really sleepy, and you have a camera
in my face. Go bring me some chap stick
for my sexy lips. They need moisture."

Penny and I hope everyone has a great day!

Monday, February 1, 2010

A Mouthful Of Pug Fur

Do any of you wake up in the middle of the night
choking on balls of pug hair? When I woke
up this morning I questioned Penny
about it. This was the look
she gave me.

It also doesn't seem to matter how many times I
roll my clothes for pug hair throughout the
day, the hair is always there. I wear it
as a badge of honor. Maybe a pug
parent will come out with an
extra super sticky
hair roller.

Do any of you use anything special to better
pick up the pug hair?