Monday, October 31, 2016

Monday, November 9, 2015

He Has A Big Day Of Tetris And Meatloaf Ahead Of Him

Hi Everyone!
It's me Bruce!

"What are you up to today? I have a pretty relaxing Monday 
planned out. I am going to watch The Golden Girls on TV, 
and curl up on my bed. I'll probably play a few games of Tetris,
and eat some meatloaf as the day goes on. It's pretty cold out, 
so I don't really have any intention of getting up unless I 
really need to drop some logs. My mom asked me if I 
could help her with something at 4:00pm, but I 
was like nope! I'll be playing Tetris, 
and eating meatloaf."

We hope you have a super relaxing Monday!

Friday, October 30, 2015

His Halloween Heart Wants A Pony, But His Stomach Is Singing For A Cheeseburger

Hi Everyone!

Are you ready for Halloween tomorrow? We are not only 
gearing up for Halloween tomorrow, but also for Bruce's fourth 
adoption birthday! Technically, we adopted Bruce one week before 
Halloween, but we always celebrate on Halloween because 
he loves the festivities. 

We can't believe it has been four years since this handsome 
man pug came into our lives. Where does the time go? 
Bruce, Daisy and I are going to make tacos and 
watch scary movies tonight to get ready for 
Bruce's birthday and Halloween. 
We really love scary movies 
and tacos.

"I love tacos. I also love it when this time 
of year rolls around. I really enjoy getting goodies on my 
adoption birthday. I don't need the gifts, but I do need 
my birthday McCheesy Burger."

"I told my mom that if she can spare some gifts, I would like: 
A rescue pony named Adele, the complete set of 
Revenge of the Nerds DVDs, four tiny velvet bar stools, 
a lifetime Costco membership, and a rose gold scarf 
to keep me warm this Winter."

"I really want a rescue pony…"

"McCheesy Burger now please!"

What are you up to today? Are you dressing up for Halloween?

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

They Went To The Store For Paper Towels, But Somehow Ended Up Coming Out With A Sandblaster

Hi Everyone! 

It has been pretty cold and rainy these past few days. 
Bruce and Daisy don't love going to the park when it's raining, 
so we try to find ways to get out and keep busy. Bruce and Daisy 
may not enjoy getting wet, but they do enjoy shopping! 

"Let's load up the shopping cart with the necessities. 
Just kidding! I saw a mushroom shaped squirrel feeder, 
and a giant bag of dog treats on aisle seven. 
Let's turn this cart around and load up!"

"I spotted a sandblaster on aisle nine, 
and I need that in my life. I am not sure what I need it for, 
but I will figure that out later."

"I have a coupon for five dollars off of every $300 spent. 
That sounds like a deal to me! Maybe we should buy Bruce 
that sandblaster after all. I don't want my coupon to 
go to waste. Sandblaster and dog treats now!"

How do you and your furry children keep busy 
when it is raining outside?

Monday, October 26, 2015

He Keeps An Eye On The Neighborhood, And A Closer Eye On His Breadsticks

Hi Everyone!

Thank you so much for stopping by the blog over the last few days. We have really enjoyed reading what you have been up to lately. We are still trying to catch up on all of your blogs, so if we haven't stopped by yours yet, we will this week! We wanted to show you the rest of our Fall photos from our shoot last week. We hope you enjoy them!

"Hey guess what? I started a neighborhood watch. 
Me and some of the other dogs in our apartment complex 
get together and make sure no one is causing trouble. 
It's been pretty quiet lately, so sometimes we just 
hang out and eat cheesy breadsticks."

"It's pretty serious business."

"Hold on, I think I see someone breaking the law right now."

"Hey sir! Pick up that dog poo please!"

"I think I handled that pretty well. 
It's time for a snack break."

"I'll take over while Bruce takes a break. 
I just can't promise I won't eat all of the neighborhood watch 
snacks while I'm on duty."

Bruce, Daisy and  I hope you have a great Monday!

Friday, October 16, 2015

A Gentle Breeze That Shakes The Trees

Hi Everyone!

It's me Daisy! 
Smokin' soy balls, it has been forever since this blog has been
updated! Stare into my googly eyes and tell me what you
have been up to. 

I have missed sharing photos of Bruce and I on the blog, 
so I told my mom to start this baby back up! 

Bruce and I have been enjoying our Fall. We went on an adventure the other day, and my mom got some sweet shots of us near the colorful trees. Here are some photos out of the 200 my mom snapped of us. We will probably post more photos of our Fall adventure after the weekend. Bruce and I were really feeling our look, so we want to show you more photos of what we have been up to.

"Sometimes, I just like to sit here amongst the leaves and think about things."

"I also like to sit here, and break wind near people
as they pass by."

"Sometimes people pass by in their cars, and they can't hear me breaking wind.  

"That doesn't bother me though, because I can hear it. It cracks me up every time."

"Breaking wind helps to relax me. Sometimes I get so relaxed from breaking the wind, I just end up breaking more wind! Can you believe it? It's a never ending cycle."

"Has that ever happened to you before? Have you ever broken wind while sitting on a pile of leaves?"

"It's pretty amazing. It's like a gentle breeze
that shakes the trees."

"It's not a gentle breeze Daisy!
The last time you broke wind near me, you blew the man scarf off my neck!" 

"It wasn't gentle, it was destructive."

"Look at my face right now. Her wind breaking is gross, and it needs to be stopped."

"I don't agree.
 Oh look, a car is coming our way. Hang on to your scarf Bruce!"

Leave us a note, and let us know what you've been up to these past few months. Is it starting to feel like Fall where you live?