Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I'm a troll! This is what happens when you decide
to make your own wig out of cobwebs for $3.
I think it works! Although, people might
mistake it for cotton candy.
Mmm Delicious.

Friday, October 30, 2009

If I Show You My Costume, Will You Give Me A Treat?

Penny and I can’t believe it’s almost Halloween!
This month has gone by so fast. I think Penny
would agree, that the best part of Halloween
is dressing up in costume, and cruising
into the drive-thru Starbucks.

Penny did this a few times over the week. She ended
up with quite a bit of whipped cream! She took
advantage of the Baristas. They just couldn’t
resist her beefy pug sexiness. She even had
one of the guys working there ask if he
could take a photo of her!
She felt pretty special
after that.

Attack of the whipped cream pug face!

I was rummaging through my closet the other day,
and came across Penny's witch hat. She didn’t
seem amused when I put it on. She is very
loyal to her pumpkin outfit, and would
never cheat on him by wearing
something else!

Penny also went on a walk and wanted me
to share these photos
with you.

For some reason, she hopped up on the table and went
into a posing frenzy.

Penny and I hope everyone has a great Halloween!
We will post a photo of our pug pumpkin if
we can get it carved on time!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Sir, Show Me The Beefiest Pumpkin You Have. Preferably One Without Mold Or Cracks.

"Quick! Open the car, I didn't pay for this!"
Okay, maybe I did pay. It was too big
to carry out unnoticed.

"What is this? I thought you said
I was getting pumpkin pie?"

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Beefy Pug Snuggle

Sometimes, when I am working on a project,
Penny becomes jealous of my time spent
elsewhere. Her job is to fix this
problem, by making me hold
her like a baby while I
am attempting to
get things

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Empty Condo Madness

Penny has been wondering where all her furniture is!
We're going to be moving back into our place
tomorrow after the construction is
finished. Victory! Until then,
Penny has been finding
ways to occupy

Found a pen! "Give me some paper so I can write my
sexy pug boyfriend a note."

Relaxing in the camping chair! "Now fill my coffee
up and bring me some bananas and Cheerios!"




Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sexy Trick-Or-Treat Face

Penny loves to hang out near our Halloween lights.
She looks so festive here!

While Penny has been busy watching TV and admiring the
lights these past few days, I have been unloading everything
in my room and closet for some construction that is about
to get underway. The association in charge of all the
condo units where I live, are essentially kicking
us out of our unit for a week.

The back story to this is that apparently, when the
condo units were built, some things were not done
properly or at all. Including electrical wiring,
and other things that eventually resulted in a
lawsuit. Now, odds and ends that should
have been taken care of when this
place was first built, must be
repaired to all units,
right now.

Technically, we can stay in our unit when the
work is underway for the next 5 days. But
there is a catch. If the tenants have
animals that bark or are disruptive,
the animals cannot be in the unit
when the laborers are working.

Penny has a tendency to bark at strangers.
She would never bite, but the people
working in my unit don't know this.
So, we are making plans to be
elsewhere for the upcoming
week, while this is all
being done.

It's beyond an inconvenience, and the association
is not willing, thus far, to compensate the
tenants for the hassle to vacate for a
week. We are trying to make the best
of the situation. Needless to say,
we have our hands full.

We are not going to let this mess intrude on our daily
plans. Penny is going to be spending a lot of time at
the park. She will also be watching as many
Halloween scary movies as she can possibly
fit into her pug schedule. She may even
have time to leave some trick-or-treat
bags filled with poop in the cars of
those that are in charge
of this mess.

Unfortunately, due to all this, we were not able to
make it to Pug-O-Rama today. I'm going to have to
make it up to Penny. She was really looking
forward to wearing her costume. At least
she was before the temperature reached
95 degrees today. I'll be posting
pictures of Penny in her costume
as soon as it cools down
a bit.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Trolls, Cobwebs And Penny

Penny and I have found the pug pumpkin cutout
pattern we will be using this month! Since
we already carved a pug face last year, I
was on the lookout for a pattern that
included a whole pug. Pug back rolls
and all.

I found this one on the ModCloth blog.
I think it may take me an entire day
to carve this, but I am going to
give it a go!

If I can find a huge pumpkin, I may be able to
carve this into a life size pug! That would
make for some great photos!

I am also attempting to make a troll wig as part
of my costume. I love trolls! I have the biggest
troll collection from when I was a kid. I think
I might enter myself into the Guinness Book of
World Records for the most trolls owned.

I couldn't find anything that resembled a troll wig,
so I bought a few packages of cobwebs from the
Halloween store to build my own wig. I am
going to need a lot of hairspray and
glue to pull this off. If it works
out, I may build Penny a mini
pug troll hat. She could be
the first beefy pug troll!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Penny's Day Of Relaxation

Penny decided to hang out inside today. We had planned
on going to the park, but heavy wind detoured our
plans. Penny does not enjoy the feeling of wind
gliding against her butt anyway.

She did pose for a few photos when her TV shows
went to commercial. Her face is saying to me:

“This is what you’re going to do. You are going
to bring me some whipped cream and turn
the TV to channel 56, so I can catch up
on my Spongebob cartoons. Now
please get out of my room. I’ll
call to you when I need

Monday, October 12, 2009

Use Those Sexy Pug Legs

Penny went to Starbucks today. She has this new
maneuver of standing on her back paw feet
when licking the cup of whipped cream.
I'm not sure why she started doing
this. It's pretty crazy.
I love it!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Haunted Trailer In A Parking Lot

I was out running errands, and stumbled across
this tiny makeshift haunted house errected
in a parking lot. Kind of spooky. More so
during the day. You had to be here to
see how Texas Chainsaw this is.
Maybe because it has the title
of circus. Whoever put this
together, bravo to you. I
think it would creep me
out if I went into
this thing at
night. Any

Friday, October 9, 2009

How A Pug Celebrates Halloween

Not much has been happening over the last
few days. But, I did come across a
few photos from last October.
I thought I would share, in
pictures, how Penny
spends her days on
the countdown to

We don't usually hang out in cemeteries dressed
in costume. However, we made an exception when
we visited grandma last year.

The deer were visiting too. They were eating
all of the flowers people had left on the
grave sites! Lunch... yum.

Penny and Frankenstein were buddies.
They hung out the whole month,
until I packed him away.

Halloween necklace!

Kiss Kiss.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Penny Knows Tricks, Lots Of Tricks

But she isn't going to show you a trick,
unless you give her a treat.

There are a few tricks she will do without
a treat. This might be because she knows
all eyes are on her. For instance,
Penny loves sitting at the table
like a small child.

She sits on the ironing board, and will not let
me iron my clothes until I spoon her.

Rummaging through my bag is also something
that is sort of a hobby/trick for her.
She only goes for the good stuff,
like toilet paper.

She also loves making sexy pug shadow art,
and staring at her curvy silhouette.

She may not be the kind of dog that spins
and barks on command, but she's a genius
in my book for the clever things she
can do.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Sexy Pug On A Pumpkin

It's pumpkin carving season! I have set out to find
a cutout pattern of a pug or pug face. I plan to
place it on a big juicy pumpkin that I have yet
to track down. But, I will find it. Here is the
pumpkin my brother helped me carve last
Halloween. To give our cut-out a
little dazzle, I glued some
golden flecks to the face
for the whiskers.

It looked more desirable when it wasn't lit with
the flecks of gold. This was the first pumpkin
we had ever carved with a pug face. It took
forever! But, Penny was flattered
that we carved her face into a
pumpkin, or at least that's
what we told her.