Friday, March 30, 2012

They Have A Bath Towel And His Name Is Enrique

It's bath time!

"Are you sure you have to use the shampoo that
makes me smell like a lady. I'm a man I tell you.
A man!"

"Just make sure you give me a blow dry
when your done. I don't like my fur to be
out of place."

"I'm melting!"

"Are you sure this water is purified?"

"It wasn't that bad, but you should be
ashamed of yourself for accusing me of farting in
the bathtub."

"Oopsie, I think I may have just sharted into your towel."

"Listen, I don't want to come off as a diva or anything,
but I think I need some bubbles in this tub. I could have sworn
I saw bubbles in the bathtub when Bruce was in here."

"Scrub my faaaace..."

"And my buuuuutt..."

"And my eaaars..."

"Bruce and I have to go find our bathrobes,
but we hope you have a great Friday!"

Thursday, March 29, 2012

If It Tumbled Down The Hill, Would You Run After It?

Hi Everyone!

Bruce And Daisy have been going on a lot of walks
around our new complex these past few weeks. I am so
glad they are enjoying their new surroundings.

Lately, Bruce has been taking his walks to a whole new level.
Bruce will now only poo on the steepest hills in our complex.
Some of his new spots are so steep, his poo will actually roll
down the hill, and I have to run after it. Yes, I am that
dedicated to not leaving a poo behind, I will actually
run after it. Who does that? Anyway, I don't have
photos of this particular incident, just a few
photos of one of our most recent walks.

"Listen, sometimes in life, unexpected things happen.
I can't help it if my poo runs from me. Maybe it's
afraid of my sexy."

"I am the only normal one in this family, and it feels good."

"Hey, can we bring this fire hydrant to the backyard?
It is kind of inconveniencing me having to come all the
way out here to use it. I could be using this time to watch
my cartoons. My cartoons are on in exactly three minutes.
We need to hurry!"

We hope you are having a poopin' tastic week!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

They Met A Friend At The Park Who Smelled Like Graham Crackers And Had A Harness That Glittered Like Gold

Hi Everyone!

Bruce and Daisy went to the park yesterday for
a little adventure. They had a great time, and even
met another pug! Unfortunately, my camera took
a poo a few minutes after we arrived at the park,
but I was able to snap a few pictures of Daisy
and Bruce after we pulled into the
parking lot!

"Surprise! It's me! Where are the snacks
and the sexy ladies at?"

"Yep that's right, I got shotgun today baby."

"Do you guys ever get the feeling that someone
might be watching you? I think someone might be
staring at my pug face right now."

"Stop staring at my pug face!"

"Ok, I changed my mind. I think I see who was
staring at me, and she looks like she has a lot of
delicious snacks in her pocket. Anyone with snacks
can't be a threat in my book. Lady with snacks come back!"

We hope you are having a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

He Could Smell The Cake Pops and Butter Sticks Swinging From The Cherry Blossom Trees

"The trees around here are beautiful. I have never seen
anything like it before. I'm imagining myself running naked
through the forest, frolicking under the cherry blossom trees."

"Okay, who just farted? I was having a moment,
and Daisy just farted near my face. Smokin' soy balls,
I can taste it in my mouth! Can someone bring me some

We hope you have a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Orange Stain On The Rug Smelled Like Cheese And Was Shaped Like A Paw Print

Hi Everyone!

We're back and we have successfully made our move
to Seattle! We have been living in Washington for a
little over a week now, and we already love it!
Bruce and Daisy are adjusting nicely to
their new digs, and they are helping
me break the place in.

"Unpack my bag please. I need to find my red
panties. You never know when you might meet a
sexy man pug. I hear the Farmers Markets are
overflowing with sexy dogs around here."

"I don't need you to unpack my man panties.
I can do that myself. I do however, need you to
unpack my bean bag pillow, my Ziplok bags,
all 345 of my toys and my bottled water.
I can't drink from the tap. Tap water
gives me gas."

"Did you put my cheese puffs in the fridge?
Put them in the fridge now! You know I like them
chilled before they touch my pug lips!"

"We can hear you opening that fridge.
Don't let the cold out of the fridge or else the
cheese puffs won't be chilled properly.
And bring us some iced tea!"

We will be updating the blog a lot more now that we
are settled. We hope you will follow us on our
new journey here in Washington!