Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It's Penny's Birthday!

Today is Penny's 5th Birthday.
My baby is growing up so fast.

She celebrated by going through the
drive-thru Starbucks and having
her favorite treat, whipped cream!

Someone is Keeping us Awake

It is after 1:00am and there are about ten guys outside in the pool.

They are racing in the pool yelling at the top
of their lungs creating some sort of drunk water Olympics.

Here in Las Vegas, most condo complex's have
security guards. This complex in particular buys
the security guards the newest Segway scooters
to cruise around in, so they get around a lot quicker.

Where is the security the people in this complex are paying for?
Welcome to Vegas!

Penny is not amused by this.
She wants these guys to kiss her pug butt-hole.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Launching This Beefy Site

For my first blog, I want to introduce myself as well as the star of
this page, my pug Penny.

My life and some of my best moments involve my pug. I am an
animal lover, just trying to help out animals one step at a
time. Penny, on the other hand, is just trying to help out her
stomach. She enjoys whipped cream, Spongebob and being sung
to while she takes a poop.

I on the other hand, enjoy hiking, animals, design, art and vegetarianism.

Along this 5-year journey with my dog, I have stumbled upon
some techniques on how to better deal with incidents that may
pop up along the way on this adventure with your canine companion.

I may also use this blog to post the 300+ photos
I take of my dog every month.

Over and out until next time!