Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sunny And Hot With A Chance Of Whipped Cream

Penny has been inside today doing absolutely nothing.
The heat has made it impossible for her to go out,
but she did have time to enjoy a tasty snack.
Whipped cream is her favorite treat!
Here are some photos of her
approaching the drive-thru
window at Starbucks.

She has been trying to occupy herself, by driving
me crazy this weekend. She was so intent on
obtaining snacks yesterday, she tried out
one of her newest karate moves on me.
As I was sitting on the floor, she ran
toward me at full force, jumped in
the air, and kicked me to the
ground with her front paws.

She must have learned this by watching something
on television, because I have never seen anything
like it. I wish I had video footage to prove this
actually happened because it was awesome!
Since I don't have photos of the actual
karate kick, here is a photo of Penny
doing her serious, yet sexy face

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Penny Needs A Fog Machine

Dear Las Vegas,

This heat is not cool. Someone needs to turn
the thermostat down to 65 degrees.
Penny is ready to move back to
San Francisco. We miss the
fog and all of the pugs!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

She's Not A Man Pug

Penny has found a new way to wear the bandana I bought her.
If there was a book titled, The Little Sexy Pug Riding Hood,
she could be in it.

I should let her wear it out every time we run errands.
We were at PetSmart today, and everyone kept
asking, “What is his name?”

For some reason people always assume Penny is a man pug.
She wears a girly rhinestone collar, and a red leash when
we go out. If she was wearing her sexy bandana, I could
turn around and say, “Have you ever seen a sexy
man pug wear a rhinestone collar and
bandana?” I haven't.

I always thought it would be funny to take on a
deep manly voice, if someone asked that
question again, and say, "His name is
Penny." I could scare a lot of people.
I just don't have that kind of vocal

It hurts Penny’s feelings when people call her a
beefy man pug.

She forgives you.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Found Wiener Dog

Petey, the lost wiener daschund has been found!
After two days in the desert, he made his way
home. He was able to miraculously cross a
busy intersection twice, and make it
safely back into the condo. That's
a wiener with super powers!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Bandana? Penny Thought You Said Banana

I went to REI today. I came out with an endless
supply of biodegradable poo-bags, also
known as Bio Bags, which are the best!
As I was about to ring up my poop
bags, I saw this bandana and
thought Penny could rock
the cheese dip out of it.
What do you think?
I think it looks
sexy on her!

Lost Wiener Dog

I spent much of last night trying to help a lost daschund dog.

I was out walking Penny last night before bed, and out pops
a screaming lost little wiener dog from the shadows.
He wouldn’t let me, or the security guard come
near him. I let him be, and left a big bowl of
water around the corner, so that every time
he ran around the block he would have
something to drink. It’s still 100
degrees at night here and that
wiener must have ran in
circles at least 70 times.

He seemed to know where he lived, and was wearing a collar,
but he was locked out, and the owners were gone for the
night. I watched him for a while from my balcony and he
came to get water every once in a while. A while later, I
heard a woman chasing him, trying to catch him, and
the little wiener was running away screaming for his
life. Why would you chase a dog away in terror that
seems to know where he lives? This act of chasing
the dog out of the area he knew, made him even
more lost and he has not been found. If she
would have left him alone, he would have
been ok until the owners returned.

I heard other dogs inside the condo, so I don’t know
how this little wiener got out all by himself.
I wish the animal owners of Las Vegas
and everyone else would learn to
secure their animals and keep
them safe! Dogs are stolen,
lost and hit by traffic
every day!

When I leave for a few hours, I secure Penny in
the master bedroom and put a baby gate up
in the doorway. When I return, there is no
way she can get out the front door and
squeeze past me. It’s much safer,
and she still has a huge room to
roam and relax in while i'm

Today Penny and I continued to look for the dog.
The owners still hadn’t found him. Turns out,
he had been badly abused in his life, and
they had just adopted him a few months
ago, which explains why he is afraid of
people. I hope he will be found,
but in this city, finding a lost
animal is like finding a
needle in a dessert.
Unless they are

Photo from iStockPhoto, Chris Brock

Friday, August 21, 2009

Standing Up For Animals, Whale Wars Style

Penny and I were watching the season finale of Whale Wars
tonight. If you want to know what true dedication to a
cause, or more specifically to an animal looks like,
I highly recommend catching up on the season.

These people put their lives on the line for what they believe in
at all costs. It’s awesome! If only more people would stand up
for animals and what they believe in, the world would be
such a better place. One where animals didn’t have to
watch their backs in fear of what humans might do
to them. Even when animals are harmed by us,
they still have the ability to emotionally heal
and rarely ever shun away from affection
or trusting another person ready to
treat them right.

We have so much to learn from the animals we harm,
and the people putting it all on the line to protect them.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Pug and Her Many Thoughtful Faces

If I had something on my face, would you still kiss me?

If it looked like I had pug fangs, would you still play with me?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Beefy Crow Birds in Public Spaces

Penny and I saw these birds in Golden Gate Park.
So beefy! They almost look as beefy as the
birds in Las Vegas that eat fast food all
day long.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

While In The Bay, Penny Will Play

Smokin soy-balls Penny had fun while we were in San Francisco!

We had a 9-hour drive from here to San Francisco. I needed a
coffee badly that morning, and the barista was kind enough
to give Penny a cup of whipped cream, since she
practically jumped into the drive-thru window
and demanded it.

We brought pillows, and Penny made herself comfortable and
took over the car. She snored, snorted and passed beefy
pug gas the entire way.

When we arrived at the hotel, Penny ransacked my bag to find her toys.

She tried on my scarf to shield out the Bay Area cold. She then
proceeded to pass out after watching a little bit of TV. She
loves the Mighty Boosh on Adult Swim.

She enjoyed the mild weather that every pug deserves to
vacation in. She had plenty of time to play and sit on all
the benches in Golden Gate Park.

She put on her sexy face every morning in hopes
of meeting a beefy man pug.

Pondering life…snacks…and beefy dogs.

She snaps backs to her sexy face once she realizes she's on camera.

We paused here for a second after she jumped up
on my lap and wanted me to hold her like a baby.

Here she was by the water.

While Penny rested, I picked up some of my favorite cupcakes.

If Penny had M&M's for eyeballs. Drawing courtesy of my brother.

And we stopped for a snack.

On the ride back home, Penny slept on her back
and wanted to be held like a sexy pug.

The End

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pugs Love Hollywood

While I was in Los Angeles this week, I had
a few hours to drive around and check out
the area. The traffic was disasterous, as
to be expected for LA, so I was not able
to explore as much as I had hoped.

While driving through the Beverly Hills
neighborhood, I spotted houses that
were so big, they looked as though
they could have been museums.
These houses exist to taunt the
general population, although
they are very beautiful to
look at. I wonder if one
of the tenants would
adopt me. I will
take care of
your dogs
as well as
paint for

While driving around, I ran into the house
Michael Jackson was renting. I was a huge
fan, so of course I stopped to take
photos! There were only 10 tour
busses going by the house
every minute so why not!

Check out this mailbox! I want one.

Finally it was time to say goodby to LA. I will
be going back, perhaps permanently if I
land a job there. I think Penny would
love it here. I saw quite a few pugs.
She was not able to join me on
this trip, but in a few weeks
she will be coming back to
LA with me and I will take
plenty of photos!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Everyday Is Saturday For Penny

Over the last few weeks, Penny's schedule has been
pretty full. Her daily routine consisted of begging
for food, taking long naps on the bed and going
on walks around the complex in the evening.

Her days of going to the park and in the car for
long car rides will be back when this heat lets
up. Until then, she will be relaxing with the
air conditioner and continuing to be the
most spoiled pug in Las Vegas.