Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I Took A Poo In The Mountains When I Thought No One Was Looking

Hi Everyone!

It's meeee Daisy!
A few days ago, I went on a little hike
up in the mountains.

"Hey boys. Can anyone point me in the direction of
the nearest gym. I have some squat moves
I need to work on."

"Let's head to the top!"

"Ah! Put me down. I told you that I had to take
a poo and I meant it!"

"Answer me this question, why are we in the forest,
when I could be at the Cheesecake Factory?"

"In fact, I think I may have a coupon for the Cheesecake Factory."

"Is that a Twinkie on the ground?"

"Does anyone else have to take a big poo, or is it just me?"

I hope you are having a sexy week!
I am heading over to your blogs this evening!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Try Not To Fall When You Approach The Podium

Hi Everyone!

How is your week going?
I went to my brothers High School graduation the other day,
and what a graduation it was! My brother had to be at the UNLV
stadium by 8:00 a.m. and being the family we are, we became
late almost immediately because I tried to convince my
brother to get out of the car in his cap and gown to
ride a dinosaur at a gas station we passed.

Luckily, we got there just in time to file into the stadium
to witness a verbal beat down between two women who were
mad about seating arrangements. I had my video camera
on just in case one of the women threw the other
down the stadium stairs.

The graduation ceremony started, and it lasted about 2 hours.
My brother went up to receive his diploma, and then the kid in
front of him fell flat on his face in front on thousands of people!
It was awful, but he will be famous for a long time in the Vegas
community, especially when his fellow graduates replay that
moment over and over on the DVD. I hope he uses that fall
to his advantage by starting a web site called I know I would
watch it!

I am so proud of of my brother, and hope he had as much fun
graduating, as I had being in the audience.

"I am going to throw the best graduation party ever!
Everyone, gather on the lawn, I am going to start the
party by taking a pit bull sized poo, and lighting
my fart on fire in front of the entire

Daisy and I hope you are having a fun week!

Monday, June 20, 2011

I Slept All Weekend And Then I Made Myself Some Nachos

Hi Everyone!

Did you have a nice weekend?
Daisy and I spent most of our weekend getting organized
and preparing for my brothers High School Graduation.
Although it was a busy weekend, Daisy was more
focused on spending her weekend tucked into
my bed watching re-runs of True Blood.

"Sometimes, when I look at myself too long in the mirror,
the glass starts to break because it can't handle my sexy.
Pass me the remote, I think I am missing the beginning
on Inception on HBO."

"I just farted in your covers."

"Sing me a lullaby, and make me some soy nuggets!"

Daisy and I hope you have a great Monday!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Fridays Are For Butt Squats And Snacks

Hi Everyone!

"It's Friday! It's not just any Friday, it's butt flex Friday.
I made a deal with my mom, and told her I would do some butt
flexes and squats every Friday in return for a few more
snacks. It's a win win situation, because my butt is
going to be super toned, and I get more snacks
in return!"

What do you have planned for this weekend?
Does anyone want to come over to my place and do squats
with me? We can all wear aerobic headbands from the 80's.
Until then, I'll be on my computer video chatting with
a few of my man pug boyfriends."

Monday, June 6, 2011

Unicorns Are Rare, But I Saw One In The Bushes When I Was Hiking The Other Day

Hi Everyone!

I went hiking up on Mount Charleston the other day,
and I wanted to share some of the photos I snapped while
I was up there.

Daisy and I hope you have a great week!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Smokin Soy Balls It's My Adoption Birthday!

Hi Everyone!

It's meee Daisy!
Today is my Gotcha Day!

"Let's party! Where are my treats?"

"Let me show you my hat. My mom got it at the party store.
I like how the tip is pointy, because if someone doesn't do
exactly what I say, I could take their eye out."

"No I'm just kidding, I would never do that. Or would I...
Treats now! My butt is starting to go numb on this chair!"

My mom went a little nuts for my first Adoption birthday.
I enjoyed the fuss, because I have never had anyone throw me
a party before. And also because I love presents and extra treats!

I have been telling my mom for quite some time that I need a
stroller, so when I woke up and found one in the kitchen I
thought I was hallucinating. I didn't think she would
actually get me one!

"Hey, how much weight do think this would hold?
I'm asking because next year for my Birthday, I would like
a sexy man pug and a miniature pony named Bruce."

"A sexy man pug and a pony named Bruce now!"

"I have to test this baby out! Let's go over to Petco."

I cruised the aisles, tasted the treats, checked the place out
for man dogs. I also attempted to scratch my way out of the
stroller, and throw myself onto the floor. My mom was
dreaming if she thought I would spend my first
stroller adventure sitting there
like a pug angel.

"Let me down! I think I just saw Robert Pattinson in aisle three!
I need to get his autograph now!"

After Petco, I went to Starbucks for some Birthday whipped cream.

"Aaaand it taastes soooo goood."

Overall, it was a pretty great Birthday.

"Hey next year, can we go see Cirque De Soleil?
I would like boxed seats and a booster seat. Boxed seats now!"

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Her Lip Will Whisper Orange Cheeto Dust In Your Ear

When sunset rolls in, the crazy lip comes out.
The lip doesn't care about what you wear, or how
sexy your hair.

The lip may ask you for a ride to Denny's.
Usually that's not the lip asking that's just Daisy,
but when the lip wants something, it gets it.

The lip always wants to hang out with you.
Let it be your friend, and it will share a cheese
puff with you on a desert road on the weekend.

-A poem by the lip of Daisy.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Someone Call The Cops Because I Am Going Into The Lake Naked

Hi Everyone!

It's meeeee Daisy. I went over to a new park yesterday, and
I was exhausted after exploring everything there was to explore.
Let me show you what I saw on my park adventure.

"This is me. It's a sexy glamour shot."

"A statue with birds on it."

"A couple of ducks and their butts."

"Those ducks made me a little hungry. Does anyone know
where the nearest Denny's is?"

"Denny's now! I need to know where the nearest one is!"

"I'll just wait here until someone brings me a snack."

"Who wants to see me skinny dip?
I hope someone has a towel handy that has
the word Sexy printed on it!"

I hope you have a great Wednesday!