Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Walk Is Not A Walk Without A Roll Of Poo Bags And A Pair Of Super Tiny Sunglasses In Your Pocket

Hi Everyone!

We started out on our walk just before sunset yesterday,
but by the time we reached the church behind our complex,
the sun was setting and Bruce and Daisy had mixed feeling
about it. And by it, I mean the sun. We don't see much of the
sun these days.

"I hope you brought a few rolls of poo bags, 
because we're about to do some serious damage."

"Look at these faces. These are the faces of danger. 
We're about to live dangerously right now.
I hope you can handle it."

"What is that? Is that the sun?"

"I am so happy right now. I could just take
a happy triple poop right here in this church parking lot."

"I would never take a poo in a church parking lot.
I did however take a poo in a church once. It was 
pretty hilarious. Change of subject:
The sun is out! Let's party!

"Smokin' soy balls, why is it so bright out?
Does anyone have any tiny pug Ray-Ban sunglasses I can borrow?
I could get a rash on my butt from this sun. I'm over it!
I'm going inside to take a nap and watch some Pay-Per-View."

"That's what I'm talking about.
Can you make me a sandwich while I wait for my
Pay-Per-View movie to start? Sandwich now! 
Extra lettuce and no pickles!"

We hope you have a great Thursday!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

She Spoke Her Peace And Tooted Her Way Out Of The Room

Hi Everyone!
Are you having a nice week?
Daisy wanted to take a moment to
get a few things off her hairy pug chest.

We hope you have a sexy Wednesday!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

When They Cuddle They Look Like Two Beefy Marshmallows Trying To Stay Warm In The Cold Winter's Night

Hi Everyone!
How is your week going so far?

It has been pretty cold here lately.
Bruce and Daisy have been spending a good portion of their
days sleeping by the heater and watching TV. These two also love
to cuddle in their tiny red bed when it's cold out. We have bigger
beds, but they prefer to smush their beefy bodies into the tiny bed.

Can you tell that Daisy is annoyed with me in these photos?
I just wanted to take a few pictures to capture the sexy,
and she got so irritated with me! At one point, she started
sighing so loud out of annoyance, she farted. The vibration
from the fart was so intense Bruce decided to
get up and make a run for it.

I hope you weren't eating when you just read that.
Enjoy the photos!

We hope you are having a great week and you are keeping warm!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

They Took A Hike In The Forest And Saw A Waterfall Of Bubbles Sweeping Down The Mountain

Hi Everyone!

Bruce, Daisy and I went on a hike near our apartment
the other day. The hike ended up turning into more of
a photo session when Bruce and Daisy refused to walk
any further. These two love to team up and bribe me
when we go out.

"Listen, we'll go five steps further if you give us 17 treats."

"I know you have treats in your pocket. I saw you put them in
your pocket before we left the apartment."

"Yep, I saw you with those treats too. 
The Bruce is always watching. I see everything 
out of my googly eye."

"Treats now or we won't take another step!"

"Can you bathe in this water? Does anyone have any 
bubble bath soap? I'm going to turn this bad boy into my own 
private bubbly waterfall. Clothing is optional in my world, 
so I suggest you look away if you don't want to 
see my nipsies." 

"Bubble soap now!"

We hope you have a great Thursday!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

She Rips Coupons Like A Pug On Cheese Ball Dust

Hey Everyone!

Are you having a nice week?
Bruce, Daisy and I took a little blogging break to get caught
up on a few things, but we're back!

We have a lot to blog about, but for now, here is a
video clip of what Daisy has been up to lately:

"Yeah, I tore those coupons into 400 pieces. I'm not even sorry about it either."

We hope you have a great Wednesday!

Monday, January 7, 2013

The Water Was Smooth Like Jelly, But It Tasted Like Jam

Hi Everyone!
How was your weekend?

Bruce, Daisy and I went over to the park on Saturday.
It was cold out, so I was pretty sure Bruce and Daisy wouldn't
want to stay long. I was wrong! We stayed a long time.
Daisy insisted on walking down to the lake and
dipping her face into the water. She even
tried to go swimming!

"Hey, can I go down to the lake? I feel like taking a dip.
A dip of the skinny kind if you know what I mean."

"Surprise! I need to take a poo! Take me down to the lake
and let me handle this."

"We're feeling a little parched. 
Did you bring any iced tea with you?"

"Smokin' Soy Balls, you didn't bring any iced tea with you? 
Do you expect us to drink from the lake or something? 
The last time we checked, the lake didn't taste like iced tea."

"Are we going to Denny's tonight or what?"

"I don't know about you, but I could really go for some 
crunchy whole wheat toast right now."

"I need to make a quick stop by Costco first. 
I need Costco strawberry jam for my toast, 
and I need it now."

"Strawberry jam from Costco now!"

We hope you have a great Monday!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Her New Year's Resolutions Were Surrounded By Clouds Of Orange Gas Bubbles

Happy New Year!

"I made a few New Year's resolutions for 2013.
The resolutions are kind of personal, but 
I still want to share them with you."

"Number one: Don't fart, especially in front of other people."

"Oopsie. I just broke that resolution."

"Number two: Act like I am paying attention, 
even though I am not."

"Number three: Don't get so angry when someone gets
near my Cheese Balls or my snacks."

"Did someone just open my snack drawer? 
No one is allowed near my snack drawer! 
I just had a brain fart, what was I just talking about?"

"I can see my reflection in your camera lens. 
Smokin' soy balls, I am sexy."

"I need a nap. This resolution stuff is exhausting."

"Let's not talk about resolutions right now. 
This man sweater makes me want to dance. Let's party!"

"Can we stop by Denny's? I'm confident I'll get a free 
omelette today because I look so good in this sweater."

Did you make any New Year's resolutions for 2013?