Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Walk Is Not A Walk Without A Roll Of Poo Bags And A Pair Of Super Tiny Sunglasses In Your Pocket

Hi Everyone!

We started out on our walk just before sunset yesterday,
but by the time we reached the church behind our complex,
the sun was setting and Bruce and Daisy had mixed feeling
about it. And by it, I mean the sun. We don't see much of the
sun these days.

"I hope you brought a few rolls of poo bags, 
because we're about to do some serious damage."

"Look at these faces. These are the faces of danger. 
We're about to live dangerously right now.
I hope you can handle it."

"What is that? Is that the sun?"

"I am so happy right now. I could just take
a happy triple poop right here in this church parking lot."

"I would never take a poo in a church parking lot.
I did however take a poo in a church once. It was 
pretty hilarious. Change of subject:
The sun is out! Let's party!

"Smokin' soy balls, why is it so bright out?
Does anyone have any tiny pug Ray-Ban sunglasses I can borrow?
I could get a rash on my butt from this sun. I'm over it!
I'm going inside to take a nap and watch some Pay-Per-View."

"That's what I'm talking about.
Can you make me a sandwich while I wait for my
Pay-Per-View movie to start? Sandwich now! 
Extra lettuce and no pickles!"

We hope you have a great Thursday!


stellaroselong said...

Hey that was a cool sunny walk, and now you have made us both were is our lunch!!
stella rose and mag's

Payton's mom said...

We are CRAVING the sun and more importantly warmth here so that we can go for a walk. It's been forever!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Send some of those sun rays to my house.

Leah said...

OHHH I love that last picture!! Well, all of them really, but especially the last one! Smooshy pug faces are the BEST!