Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I Put A Food Spell On You

Hi Everyone!

I am back from my trip, and have found myself once
again behind on my blogging. I don't know what it is about
the end of summer and getting behind on things.

I only had a few days in the Bay Area. The weather was super
nice, and the Starbucks Mocha's were delicious. It was one
of those trips where you think you will be able to fit
more into the allotted time, but then you become
sidetracked and things don't get done.

One thing I was excited about when I landed, was the thought
of biting into one of these vegetarian burritos.
They are super super jumbo size.
You just can't get these
in Vegas.

Apparently I was not the only one enjoying good food,
because when I came back home, I found Daisy had acquired
an addiction to KFC chicken. I put grandma on a time-out
after I discovered this.

When I came back, Daisy was also performing some sort
of ritual. She kept dragging her bones over the carpet
to form a triangle shape. I felt like I had walked
into a pug voodoo lounge. Notice the white dot
in the photo, which may-or-may-not be a
hidden spell in the air.

"What spell? Oh you mean the one I put on you to give me
more KFC chicken? Yeah, I think I may have had
something to do with that."

I think she is a genius, and is trying to communicate
some sort of sexy message. I didn't want to move her bones.
I feared I would mess up whatever she was trying to get across.
It was kind of creeping me out, but I like her intensity.

How is your week going so far?

Monday, August 23, 2010

Who Will Be My Butler While You Are Away?

Hi Everyone!

How was your weekend?

Mine was fun, but hot.
It was fun because I went to a place with green giants.

It was hot because I almost melted just going out to
my car. The bottom of my shoes liquefied like Starburst candy
abandoned in a glove compartment on a hot summer day.

Anyhow, I am getting ready for a little trip to
the Bay Area. I am hoping Daisy will be able to cope
without me for a few days.

"Who will put my chapstick on if my lips need moisture?"

For instance, how will she be able to turn down
the sheets for herself? Fluff her own pillow at night?
Make sure the TV is tuned into the bestess cartoons?
Cut pieces of tender chicken and place
them in her mouth?

I guess pug-sitter grandma will have to learn
the ropes while I am away. It's a hard job
being Daisy's human butler, but someone
needs to do it.

We hope you have a great Monday!

Friday, August 20, 2010

I'll Take A Weekend Protein Shake

Hi Everyone!

It's finally Friday! What does everyone
have planned for the weekend? I think Daisy is
planning on doing a lot of this over the weekend:

"I need you to head over to Petco and pick
me up approximately 34 chicken flavored bones.
The three in my toy box have some carpet hair on
them, and I blame that on you."

"I also need you to get on eBay, and bid on this
sock monkey toy I've had my eye on. If you could make
me a protein shake before my extra long nap
that would be great too."

Daisy and I hope you have a great weekend!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tight T-Shirt Wednesday

Hi Everyone!

I bought Daisy her first t-shirt yesterday!
When I spotted this cupcake shirt, I had to have it.
I think it's her color. What do you think?

I secretly wanted it for myself, but they didn't
have it in my size. I probably would have tried it on
if they had it in an XXX-L dog size. I used to fit
through the doggy door, so why not try
and fit into a dog shirt?

She had a mad pug face when I put this on,
but she looked so sexy in it!

"I can't believe this. Take it off. Take it
off now. It feels tight on my pug rolls."

"Don't look at my rolls! Are you sure they
didn't have this in a beefy pug size?"

"Do you have the camera? Okay, snap a photo now.
This is my sexy side."

We hope you have a great Wednesday!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Relaxing In The Fridge

Hi Everyone!

How was your weekend?
We had another scorching hot weekend here in Vegas.
Daisy enjoyed the air conditioned condo. Better yet, she sat
in the fridge for an extra chill. I should probably look
into installing an extra large pug compartment in
the fridge. It's her favorite place
to hang out.

Over the weekend, I decided to check out
an antique mall.

It was a pretty cool place filled with
over 40 vendors. I didn't see any treasures, or pug items,
but it was still fun to check out. Wouldn't it be great
if there was a shop featuring only sexy pug items?
Maybe there is, and I don't know about it.
If you know about one, let me know!

Daisy and I hope you have a great Monday!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

When You Are Not Looking

"When you are not looking, I jump up on the bed,
and rub my pug-butt all over your pillow cases.
Sleep tight tonight. I love you."

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Seeking Personal Assistant For My Sexy Pug

Hi Everyone!

How was your weekend?
We have had some severe lightening and rain in Vegas
over the last few days, so Daisy and I stayed indoors
while this was taking place. I found out that Daisy
will run for her life when raindrops fall on her
pug butt. It looks like I may be putting out
an ad for an experienced umbrella
holder for when the weather
turns wet.

"Seeking sexy man candy, who can hold
an umbrella sturdy in one hand, and a bag of
cracker jacks in the other in case I get

I had taken Daisy to the vet a few days ago for
her puffy wrinkle, and we found out it was just
a mild infection. Hooray! It already looks
better. We are a little behind on our
blog reading, but Daisy wanted
me to tell you that we are
heading over to your
blogs shortly!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Don't Look At My Swollen Wrinkle

Hi Everyone!

How is your week going?
I am a bit behind on the blog this week.
I intended to get up early this morning, and
take some ultra sexy photos of Daisy for the post today.
When I got up, Daisy's big left-side pug wrinkle under her
eyeball, was swollen to twice it's normal size.
I was like, "Holy soy balls, what happened
to your face!"

I think her wrinkle became infected somehow.
I always clean her wrinkles really well, but her
wrinkle had other plans for today.

"Can you see how puffy it is? Just look at the
wrinkle, not my pimple."

"How about now? Can you see it?"

I will make sure her swollen wrinkle, who I named Bernard
gets plenty of rest and care. I'm sure it will
be just fine.

We're hoping for cooler weather this weekend,
and by cooler we mean any temperature under 100.
We want to get out and do something!

What are your plans for the weekend?