Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cupcakes In San Francisco

Hi Everyone!

I am in the Bay Area, spending some time with friends
and family. San Francisco has been calling my name,
and she wants me to check out some of her new
stores and restaurants.

This is my first trip without Penny. I can't believe
it has been a month and a half since her passing. It has
gone by so fast. I am sure she would want me to make the most
of my trip. I will have some snacks in her honor.
She always loved San Francisco. The weather is
perfect for a pug.

I heard about this new place called American Cupcake on Union
Street. Not only do they apparently offer unique flavors of
cupcakes, but they also offer so bad, but so good for you
food. Tater tots, mac and cheese, peanut butter and
jelly sandwiches, and grilled cheese are just a
few items on the menu. You can even order
martinis and drinks that go with the
cupcake theme. Word on the street
is that they have psychedelic
lighting on the ceiling,
illuminating your
plate as you

This place could be dangerous for me, but it's a risk
I am willing to take. I have to check this place out.
I probably should have cut down my carb intake
before I came here to prepare, but I like to
live dangerously.

Where are your favorite cupcake spots?
I'm sure there are a lot of great places to find
delicious cupcakes. Right now, my favorite place is
Kara's Cupcakes in the Bay Area. I love how light
and fluffy the frosting is. It's too bad Kara's
doesn't have tasty treats for dogs. Kara,
if you are reading this, call me.
We can partner together and
make this happen.

It is suppose to warm up here, so if the weather
works with me, I will take more photos. I hope you are
having a great week!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sexy Vintage Penny Photos

Hi Everyone!

I hope your weekend went well. I was finally able to scan
a few vintage photos of Penny, and I want to share them!

I also developed a few photos of Penny I took a few months
before her passing. She was such a pug model.
When she would see that camera light turn
on, she turned on the sexiness.

"This is my nap time. Get the camera out of my face,
and let me pug fart my way to sweet dreams."

"Is this a camera? Is it on? How about now? Tell me when to
speak into the recorder, I have something sexy to say."

"Want some?"

Penny's Birthday

Penny had her own blow up bed.
"Fill the air up to level 5! I want it to
feel like I am sleeping on air!"

The park.
"What? I already took a poop. What more do you want?"

My brother and Penny. She would always trick him into
giving her more whipped cream, even after I had
already given her some. Penny always got
her way.

"Does this chair recline?"

If you follow my Twitter or Facebook, then you might
have seen my posts about how I submitted an application
to adopt a rescue pug this weekend! I am very excited.
This could be a process that takes a few months, but
I am still thrilled to get the ball rolling.

Penny brought so much joy, silliness and sexiness into my life.
When I think of Penny, I think about how much her sexy
beefiness changed my world. She brought the best out
of me, I can't imagine not being owned by a pug.

This is my first time going through a pug rescue, and I
know I have to be patient. After Penny passed away,
I didn't know how long I might wait to bring
another sexy pug into my life. It feels
like the right time, and I know I will
give the pug that chooses me,
an incredible life.

There may also be the possibility of me taking in a little
sexy man dog. I was going out to my car this afternoon,
and my neighbor stopped me to ask if I might be
willing to take in his eight month old little
man dog. I think he is an Affenpinscher,
but I will have to double check this.

He is a playful bundle of love, and my neighbor
does not want him anymore. Every time we are outside,
he runs toward me, and even jumps in my car wanting
to go for a ride.

This dog has been with my neighbor for only a month, and my
neighbor says that if he can't find him a home over the next
few weeks, he will be giving him to the shelter. I can't
imagine why he wants to give this sweet dog up, but
I am going to speak with my neighbor more about
the possibility of taking his sexy dog in.
I suppose it all depends on if my
neighbor wants to wait a week
for me to get back from my
trip to San Francisco.

I hope everyone has a great week!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Taking It To The Shelters

Hi Everyone!

I hope your week is going well.
I wanted to share some photos of Penny I came across
this week, but my scanner took a poo. Looking at her
sexy pug face never gets old, and I will be sure
to post them this weekend.

I have been pretty busy this week. A few days ago, I took a
ride to a couple of the Las Vegas animal shelters. I had seen
a puggle on the Nevada SPCA web page, and this ignited my
curiosity. I wanted to see if I could go and meet her.
Turns out, she wasn't there. I think she was at her
foster home, but going to the shelter really opened
my eyes to a lot of things. The biggest eye opener,
was the overwhelming number of animals at these
two shelters alone. The overpopulation here in
Las Vegas is shocking. I had heard about it,
but I had never seen it.

After I went to the SPCA, I took a ride over to The
Animal Foundation. Corridor by corridor, my brother and
I walked passed hundreds of dogs. Small and big, excited
and calm, they were all hoping we would be the ones to
take them home. This place was different from the
last. They were rowdy and full of life at the
previous shelter. Here, they seemed to know
their fate.

It was difficult to look so many dogs in the eyes, and know
their days were numbered. To know that not long ago, I had
to make the difficult decision to send Penny to the
Rainbow Bridge because her body was shutting down.
These dogs would be put down, simply because
their humans didn't want them. The large
smoke stained cremation tower, situated
adjacent to the adoption center, was a
stark reminder of the reality
of it all.

I think a lot of people seeking an animal choose not to go
to the shelters because they will see the truth. The truth can be
depressing. Perhaps they only want a puppy, and think the
shelters and rescues don't have puppies. But, if you do
go, and you can save just one, that is the one that
may not have stood a chance otherwise. And that
one, will thank you for the rest if its life
with the unconditional love he or she
will give you.

People have asked me since Penny's passing, what my reasoning
is, as to why I don't want to go through a breeder and get a
puppy. Why would I go through the paperwork of a shelter
or rescue, when I could get a pug right away
through a breeder.

I got Penny as a puppy, and I think pug puppies are the most
adorable sexy creatures on earth, but the people in my
neighborhood sell puppies claiming they got them from
reputable breeders, when they really got them from a
puppy mill. I have seen first hand how ill some of
these animals are. The animal stores around here
seem to be struggling. People are starting to
see that getting an animal from a store,
that buys from a puppy mill,
is not Ok.

Their stores may be closing, But they are taking their
puppies to the street. You don't have to go far in my
neighborhood to see this. Just go a few block over to
the grocery store. You will find men and children
holding all breeds of puppies, trying to sell
them to exiting customers.

I passed one guy outside the store holding a small
golden retriever puppy, and I politely let him know
how disgusting I thought he was for exploiting
a puppy for money.

I encourage anyone else that wants to adopt, to check
the local shelters and rescues. Now, more than ever, there
is a need for people to open their hearts and homes to these
animals. There are so many, and the shelters and rescues
have limited space for these sexy animals.

I also want to give a shout out to Anakin,
who is having some medical issues right now, and let him
and his family know that I am sending sexy vibes his way.
Feel better soon!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Does This Flower Pot Come In A Miniature Pony Size?

Hi Everyone!

I have been wanting to liven up my patio for a
while now. I finally went over to Home Depot and picked
up two new chair cushions. The last two flew away in
a severe wind storm. I searched far and wide for
them, but they were gone. After I picked up my
cushions, I saw this green flower pot that
was as big as a tiny pony. I knew it
would never fit on the patio,
so I went for the smaller

I saw it.

I bought it.

And I planted something in it.

I hope everyone is having a great week!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I'm Not Buying, Unless You Are A Sexy Pug

Hi Everyone!

I hope you are having a great week!

I got an unexpected package over the weekend.
Heather from Say It Don't Spray It, created a
scrapbook page of Penny! It really captures her
sexiness. I have it on my fridge, for all to see.
Thanks so much Heather!

In an effort to keep busy, and do something productive,
I started cleaning out my garage. I am finally finished!
I went through a ton of stuff, and ended up donating most of it.
It took longer than expected, due to a neighbor who kept soy
balling in my business. Every time he would see me out in
the garage, he would come over and ask if I wanted to
participate in some sort of condo madness garage
sale going on this weekend.

I kept telling him I wouldn't be selling anything, just donating.
I also told him, due to my pale skin, I am allergic to the sun,
and I have a doctors note specifically stating, I can't sit
out in 100 degree heat all day. He became angry, and
told me my stuff was poo. I was like, "If it's poo,
why would I sell it?"

If you live in Vegas, then you know about the solicitation
problem we have here. It doesn't matter if you are in
your garage, in a grocery store, on the strip, or
just going to your car, someone is going to get
in your face about something. I've never seen
anything like it. And they are not nice
about it.

Just yesterday, I saw a woman get out of her stopped car
at a main intersection, on a red light, in an effort
to hand out flyer's to the motorcyclists
in front of her. No one is safe.

Penny used to ward off these people by barking. They would not
come within 10 feet of us. Now that she's gone, I have to take
it into my own hands. Sometimes I tell them I have H1N1
and they shouldn't come any closer. Sometimes, I say,
"Let me tell you about the voice of Christ I heard
last night." And other times, I'll go into
veganism, and let them know what I ate
the previous night. It works
every time.

A girl's gotta do what she has to do.
I took quite a few drama and improv classes in
my day, and I'm ready to get down to business.

What is everyone up to this week?