Wednesday, January 23, 2013

When They Cuddle They Look Like Two Beefy Marshmallows Trying To Stay Warm In The Cold Winter's Night

Hi Everyone!
How is your week going so far?

It has been pretty cold here lately.
Bruce and Daisy have been spending a good portion of their
days sleeping by the heater and watching TV. These two also love
to cuddle in their tiny red bed when it's cold out. We have bigger
beds, but they prefer to smush their beefy bodies into the tiny bed.

Can you tell that Daisy is annoyed with me in these photos?
I just wanted to take a few pictures to capture the sexy,
and she got so irritated with me! At one point, she started
sighing so loud out of annoyance, she farted. The vibration
from the fart was so intense Bruce decided to
get up and make a run for it.

I hope you weren't eating when you just read that.
Enjoy the photos!

We hope you are having a great week and you are keeping warm!


dw said...

Oh my goodness the cute!! Daisy, your sexy self has been captured!

Karen and Riley

Payton's mom said...

I'm going to have to come back for the sexy photos cause I'm laughing so hard at the story I can't see straight! :-)

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