Tuesday, August 5, 2014

She Had Her Eyes On A Cyclist Wearing Glistening Spandex Bike Shorts

Hi Everyone!
Bruce and Daisy want to take you on a virtual tour
of the park they often go to. Here we go:

"This is where we have lunch."

"This is where I gaze up at the clouds.
Sometimes I look at the sky in hopes of seeing a UFO.
Seeing a UFO is on my bucket list."

"This is where we strut our sexy on the trail."

"We often just sit on the trail. 
Burning calories is overrated. 
We like to mingle with people, and say hello to other dogs."

"Sometimes, my mom holds me 
like a sack of potatoes on the trail."

"This is where I play tic-tac-toe."

"This is where I sometimes put my paw out and 
trip bicyclists. Just kidding. I've never done that."

"Or have I....wink wink"

"Do bicyclists really need to wear spandex from head 
to toe when they are only cycling the trail for one mile?
I think the only time one should wear spandex from head 
to toe is when you are going to a nightclub, or when
you are going to be doing some serious gardening."

"Look at this body. I don't have to cycle for this body.
I maintain this body by eating nachos and doing butt squats.
I eat nachos and do butt squats at the same time.
That's very important. Sometimes I throw 
in some soy nuggets. That all depends on 
how hungry I am."

"She does do a lot of butt squats."

"I just wish she wouldn't do them in front of me
 while I am trying to take a nap.
It's weird."

"Butt squats are awesome. Without butt squats, I would never
be able to fit into my super sexy pink velour tracksuit."

What are some fun things you like to do at the park?


Payton's mom said...

Half way through this post, I totally lost track of where you were and suddenly felt the urge to do butt squats. Go figure!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

You just made our day by taking us on this little trip with you down the trail where we walk,,,,
your so funny,, and all this time you have been gone- we missed you!

Meredith LeBlanc said...

Us too Payton-Christie! We started doing butt squats and already feel sexxxier!

Meredith & Scarlet