Friday, December 10, 2010

My Laptop Crashed, And Then I Was Slightly Electrocuted

Hi Everyone!

What are you up to for the weekend?
I was all set to upload a sexy blog today,
and then my laptop crashed. I took it to the Apple store,
and I think they may be able to fix it. The bad news is
I am without an updated computer, and I cannot upload
photos until I get my computer back. I feel violated.
Daisy is not pleased either. She hates not being
able to look at sexy photos of herself.
I will get my post up in a few days,
even if it means going to the
library to do it.

Daisy and I hope you have a great weekend!
P.S. If you see Santa, tell him I would like a laptop,
and a camera for Christmas. I don't even mind if he has
to get them from a pawn shop. I'll take it!


Those Elgin Pugs said...

I know exactly how you feel!!

My laptop fried out back in october and I have been using Rob's dads very, very old laptop which weighs like 20ILS.. all my photos are on my hard drive and all my data is on my hard drive (which is still intact)...
but the computer is toast...
I was using another old laptop that ran very slow... I literally could turn it on... go out... come home and it would still be timed out...
I miss my old 'puter :(
I hope santa brings you a new one!!

I wanna see pix of Ms. Daisy!!
Katy & IzZY, Josie, TriXie and Anakin Man

Wilma said...

Must be the year of the crashing computers. Moms is broken too, with over a thousand pictures of me on it. Imagine. She has been blogging on the iPad, where you have to use an app with limited features. What will blogland do without us all fully up and running? We are in dangerous territory here. Better get that Mac back on the case!

Becky said...

This is terrible! Hope it gets fixed soon cause Daisy's fans can't be without her sexy photos! Stay warm!

Martha said...

We're so sorry your laptop crashed! That stinks! And we're wondering about the "slightly electrocuted" part of your post. That sounds very bad! We'll just have to be content to look at older pictures of Daisy ; )

Puggie Hugs,
Martha and Bennie

pugtail said...

So sorry to hear about your broken laptop and inability to post your sexy pictures.

I know mum would have a melt-down if she lost the use of her computer, even if it was for a couple days.

I hope you've been a good pug and Santa brings you a new one. And a new camera too. I know us pugs thrive on being in front of the camera.



Hank said...

Dana, honey....we'll put in a good word fer ya when we see the old boy.