Monday, December 13, 2010

Let's Talk Sexy Pug Ornaments

Hi Everyone!

Daisy and I are finally back on the blog!
We were able to find a way to upload my photos,
although the photos seem bigger than usual,
just in time before the important
Holiday stuff rolls around.

For instance, tomorrow I will be attempting to squeeze
Daisy into Penny's old Holiday sweater to see if it
fits before we take photos with Santa on Wednesday.

"On the sixth day before Christmas, my trained human mama
gave to me, a miniature little pony, a Dyson suction vacuum,
37 bags of graham cracker cookies, 18 deep tissue massages,
3 puppuccino's from Starbucks, 8 sculpted pieces of what
my actual poo looks like, and some boots that
light up when I walk."

"Hello...were you listening? I'm going to sing that
song to Santa on Wednesday. I want him to know that
what he's up against. The pressure is on Santa."

As I was putting Daisy's potential Holiday outfit together,
I found myself wondering, what happens if a sexy pug
should get butt leakage on Santa's shiny red suit
just before the Christmas photos are taken?
Does Santa just continue taking pictures,
and smell all day from the butt mess?
Or, does he have a backup suit he
can change into? These things
keep me up at night.

Anyway, what I really want to share with you,
is this pug ornament I found last week. I was over
at JCPenny's browsing the panties, I'm kidding I
was there with my mom doing a little Holiday
shopping. Or was I....Anyway, I spotted
this ornament!

"He's definitely not as sexy as me.
Is he edible? Does he have a
whipped cream center?"

My pug ornament collection is tiny.
So tiny in fact, this is my second pug Holiday
item. When I spotted him, I knew I had to have him.
He was originally priced at $14.00, but then I
noticed he had a piece missing from his ear.
You can hardly notice the chip, but
I smelled a discount.

This was the last pug ornament they had at the store,
and I wasn't leaving without him. I brought it to the
register to see how low the sales woman would go.
we ended up settling on .99! Success! I think I
can patch his ear up, but either way, he was
the cheapest, bestess ornament I have
found to date.

Which Holiday ornament or decoration do you
love the most in your collection?


martha said...

I have a beautiful glass pug that's in the "playful butt up in the air" position that I love. In fact I keep it out year round.

And last year I bought an ornament frame at Michaels, and put a pic of Bennie in it.

Martha and Bennie

Those Elgin Pugs said...

Okays... where to begin..

First Josie has to start wits 'dat ornament only 'cuz I's just read about it!!

LOVE ITS!! 'da Momma is reading over my shoulder bump and totally is going to try to score one of 'dems...
She is arranging ornaments on 'da tree as we speak to make room!! Hers a nutt balls..

Okays.. Next!! You look soooo SEXY in 'dat sweater!! Penny would tink so too!!

Now.. to answer yous question.. hee hee

Santa Man 'prolly would just has to smell all day like 'da butt stuffs and be thankfuls 'cuz not to many Sexy puggies grace his laps... hee hees


Sequoia & Petunia said...

Hmmm sexy pug butt juice on Santa maybe you can had him a lemon scented wet wipe!

That little pug ornament is cute! We have anew ornament Winston gave us that has a pug holding a string of lights in his mouth just like crazy Sequoia.

Anonymous said...

You had me rollin' and snortin' with your worries about about the sexy butt leakage.
I think Josie had a wonderful suggestion to have a wet wipe handy, just in case.

You are getting booties that light up when you walk? Oh where, or where did you get those? I want a set. I know I would look super-awesome-incredibly-cute if I could have booties that light up. What a lucky pug you are!


Minnie Moo said...

That is a pretty awesome ornament.
And I can't wait to see Daisy with Santa.

Can't wait. :)


Minnie Moo

Tweedles -- that's me said...

I loove you new ornament so much,, We do not have one like that,, but we got a beautiful oranment from the slimmers...
it does not go on the tree though,
I do love the song that you will sing to Santa,, he will love it too. Did you get your outfit picked out?

Pearl and Daisy said...

What a great ornaments! And what a bargoon!!! (Mommy loves the bargoons).

We don't know what Santa would do about butt leakage BUT we would sure love to be there when it happened.

Stay sexy,
Pearl & Daisy

dw said...

Cute puggie ornament! And score on the price!!!!

I couldn't pick a favorite ornament. Each one has a special meaning, collected over several years.

I hope you and Daisy have a fantastic holiday!