Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy almost Thanksgiving everyone!
Penny wasn't ready to reveal her sexy glowing
wandering eyes, so I edited in some
sunglasses :) As you can see from
the photo we are all set for

Penny and I are preparing our food, watching Holiday movies
and I am getting ready to binge eat for the next few days.
I had a question I was hoping one of you could answer.
I am going to order Penny a Puppia soft mesh harness,
and I can't seem to find an accurate sizing chart.
Penny measures 18"(Neck) x 32"(Breast)
and she's 26lbs. I was going to
order a large, but a few
sizing charts I came
across described
a dog of this
size needing
an XL.

Another chart read a large would accommodate
a dog between 20-40lbs. I'm a little
confused about this.

Do any of you have a Puppia harness for your pug?
What size would you recommend I order? Las Vegas does
not have any stores selling this brand, so I need to order
it online. I can always exchange it, but I thought
one of you might have experience with this

The regular collar we have always used just isn't suiting
Penny since she can't see. I have found that I need
more control over her when we go on our walks.

Any advice you might have would be magical!
Penny and I hope you have a fantastic Thanksgiving!


Becky said...

Wishing you and Penny a Happy Thanksgiving! I'm sure she will adjust and do just fine. It always seems to be worse on us than them. My Fuji lost the sight in one eye when she was much younger and she gets along pretty good. I saw a harness similar to the Puppia at Petco I think. Maybe you could try it out for measurements.

agent99 said...

we loves our Puppia's. they do suck up our shedding hair, but they is soooo comfy. I (gen) wear a large and I'm @ 20 lbs. They can adjust pretty well.
we are thinking of Penny and hoping she is adjusting OK. But we do think she needs a pair of HUGE designer sunglasses a la "jackie O"....just a thought...

Gen & the Foo

Stubby said...

Hi Penny! Happy Thanksgiving! You look super sexy in your sunglasses. Do you wear them at night?

I'm having whipped cream on my turkey tomorrow. I hope you have some too.

Stubby xoxo

Smilingpug (aka Winston Wilbur) said...

Oh what a sexy picture sunglasses and all! Happy Turkey Day! Unfortunately we aren't familiar with that type of harness. Winston has a "vest Harness" which is a blue mesh. He fits a size large and it it adjustable. Winston is a huge pug so I find it hard to find things to fit him properly thank goodness for adjustable items!

Will email our address tonight

Sequoia & Petunia said...

Happy turkey day you two!

Sequoia has many puppia harness, the last one she got it a large. She is 22lbs with a smaller neck like 15inch. The neck opening is larger on her but she fits great in the large size. We have always ordered online. A great store that would ease a return is That's where we get most of ours. Good luck, and Penny you will look fab in any color!

Salinger The Pug said...

Salinger wears a VestHarness (similar to Puppia) in a medium...BUT...he has tried on a Puppia and I would have gotten him the large (he's 26 pounds). They are adjustable so you can play with it to suit Sexy Penny!

She looks like a sexy beefy female version of Ray Charles!

Laura (S-Dog's mom)

Sandra y Coco said...

Hi Penny! I hope you had a great thanksgiving! Forgive my mom for being slow in commenting, she's been very sleepy ever since she started "making" the new puppy (or was it baby?) Anyway, I have both puppia (one of the real one and one imitation - size large) and I also have the buddy belt (leather one that goes around your front legs size 6) but I weight around 20 lbs. She likes both of them a lot and uses puppia for our daily walks around the block and buddybelt for meetups or other outings. She says that with puppia she can't pull me because it comes out through my head unless she pulls sideways. She thought buddybelt was safer until I got it and the first day we tried it, I took it out by myself while sitting in the sand at the beach (no pulling needed) (and it is very expensive). But I know better and I don't try to do anything like that when we walk. A blind pug knows it is safer to stay close to the human - and we learn to follow to commands pretty well. I'll say that the measuring chart on most sites that sell puppia will help with the sizing. I have a camo and a red one. They are really comfy, you'll love them!