Thursday, November 26, 2009

Search And Rescue Thanksgiving

It's Thanksgiving!

I was out taking Penny for a walk, and we noticed
a helicopter flying right next to our mountain!
We soon saw two people trapped on the
mountain, and the helicopter was
trying to figure out if he
could land and pick
them up.

I scooped Penny up and ran upstairs to grab
the camera and get this on video!
It was too good to miss.

They were very lucky they didn't fall. There were
emergency services across the street just in
case they did. It was pretty crazy to
watch! I wish the quality of the
video was better, but the sun
was starting to go down.
Watch it on mute, or
you will hear my
family in the

Penny and I hope your Thanksgiving is going
well! It can't be any worse than it was
for these two on the mountain that
had to be rescued!

1 comment:

Sandra y Coco said...

What were those people doing up there? That reminds me of my house in Lima (Peru) we had a mountain just like that a few blocks away! Oh, and I wish we had met before, We spent halloween in Las Vegas and met with two fellow bloggers who also travelled over there for our mini meetup!