Monday, November 23, 2009

A Sexy Pug And Her Diagnosis Of SARD

Hey everyone!

Penny spent most of the day at the eye doctor undergoing
some tests. She was not the happiest pug when I left
her at the vet. She even threatened to slap me if
I did not give her whipped cream after her
appointment. Despite her anxiety, the
visit was productive because Penny
was officially diagnosed
with SARD.

The doctor performed an ERG. This procedure entails placing
contact lenses on the eyes, and testing electrical activity
of the retina. The doctor also reviewed Penny's blood
tests, blood pressure and x-rays, which were all

Despite the bad news and the fact that Penny is now blind,
I feel very relieved and grateful she was not diagnosed
with cancer, or something more severe. She is not in
any pain, but the doctor told us that we will have
to be on the lookout for other things that can
accompany SARD, such as cataracts,
glaucoma, liver and kidney

I am also going to need to get her weight down.
Dogs with SARD tend to become very overweight.
She is a sexy beefy pug, but I don't want
her to become obese and put her health
at further risk.

It's going to take a few months for Penny to adjust to
her new situation, but I think she's going to be just
fine. We're taking it one step at a time for now.
We appreciate your comments and concern so
much! We feel very lucky to have such a
great pug blogging support system! I'm
pretty overwhelmed with all of this,
but I think this will all become
normal in time.

We're gearing up for Thanksgiving, which I can't
believe is only a few days away! I hope
everyone is preparing some delicious
food for you and your pugs. Penny
will be enjoying some low-fat

I haven't been able to take any recent photos of
Penny, but the photos posted here were taken
last November of Penny in her Holiday
sweater. So sexy! Penny and I want
to wish everyone a great
Thanksgiving if we
don't blog with
you in the
next few

"Take it in. It took me 18 minutes to squeeze into
this baby, but I look so sexy."


agent99 said...

we are really glad to hear that Penny doesn't have anything very serious, but sad that she has lost her sight. we suspect her smeller is just fine, and hope she can sniff her way around OK. we think you should get her a seeing-eye-pug to help out though,

Gen & the Foo

Stubby said...

You go girl! Work it sexy Penny!

I'm so glad to hear the diagnosis was as expected. Penny will continue to adjust and lead a normal, healthy, sexy, whipped cream filled life!

Stubby xoxo

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi penny and dana!
oh we have been thinking of your two non stop.
we are so glad it was not a tumor and that all of her bloodwork is normal.
i know miss penny will adjust very quickly and we are sending you both huge hugs.

miss penny, you look fabulous in your holiday sweater.

we love you!
m & e

Sequoia & Petunia said...

Penny we hope your thanksgiving includes a little white turjey breast no skin, its low fat! That is what I will be having do to my 'beefy' looks. We are still sending you puggy hugs and hope you have a happy holiday with your Momma.


Pug(s) and Bugg said...

Penny you make SARD SEXYYYY! Seriously you are so much better than your diagnosis and you will go on to be the still-sexiest pug ever. You don't need sight to eat whipped cream, right? :) We eat low fat treatables all the time by the way- still QUITE yummers!!! Stay Sexy Penny!!!!!!! You have a great mom!

Salinger The Pug said...

Hi Penny! Mom is so glad to hear that your diagnosis wasn't anything MORE serious than it already is.

We like Gen and Foo's idea about getting you a seeing eye Pug to help you out and help you find the treatables and lead you to the whippy cream!

BTW...they make LIGHT whipped cream too! Still pretty good stuff!

Keep us posted with all of your new adjustments and make sure your mom keeps you looking sexy since you can't see yourself in the mirror!!! ;-)


Pee S. Check out our bloggie...we left you something!

Anonymous said...

Oh poor Penny and poor you! I am glad it is the SARD over cancer, you must feel so relieved.

I bet once she gets used to everything again Penny will be ripping through there like nothing ever happened.

Penny you are dead sexy and deserve some whip cream with a sprinkling of low cal cookies :)

Arlo the Pug said...

Hi Penny! I am so glad that it wasnt anything more serious. YOu still look sexy to me! Stay positive and milk it for all the whipped cream you can!

Pearl said...

Sweet Penny,

I am so relieved that it is SARD and not something life-threatening. Now your momma has all the information and can look out for any other issues that might come up.

Penny, give your momma a BIG hug from me, ok? She is such a great caregiver for you, and I know she isn't going to let this slow you down one bit. You will ALWAYS be sexy and beefy!!!


Puglette said...

hi, i read about penny at salinger's blog. i am so sorry to hear about her sudden blindness. i am sure she will soon adapt to the blindness and then she will amaze you with her normality. our first little puggy was blind and she never let it slow her down. stairs were her only problem, up was ok but down never happened.
big hugs to you and sweet penny!

Harry Pugalicious said...


We's sad about your eyesight but happy that it's nothing more serious. Just keep a mental image of how sexy you are and that will help you as you get used to your new situation.

Course, I think even a blind puggie could see how sexy you are! Woof!

Happy Turkey Day - hope you get lots of whipped cream, even if it's low-fat.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

My dear new friend sweet Penny,
We have not stopped thinking about you! We are relieved that there is nothing serious like what they were checking for. We know SARD could be challenging- but you look like a winner to me- and I can tell by looking that you won't let any obstacle come between you and what yout nose can find! You will be in the olympics soon- i bet.
You have the most caring mama in the world- together you can conquer the world.
I love you Penny. Can I kiss your eyes?

Smilingpug (aka Winston Wilbur) said...

Oh Penny, this is good news that your health is not at risk. Loosing your sight will be a bit of adjustment but you will still be able to enjoy your whip cream snacks and be with your momma. YEAH! You look totally sexy in your outfit. Work it girl!

We would like it if you would post a comment on our blog that lists your address. We screen all messages that are posted so don't worry about it being posted and privacy issues. We did our holiday shopping and are sending out some gifts to our blogging pugs.


Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi dana and penny

we wanted to wish you a happy happy thanksgiving!

we are so thankful to have wonderful friends like you!

m & e

PugMoon - Paula - PAPugMom said...

I am so sorry to hear of this happeneing to Penny. She will probably adapt well, while you do the worrying. 2 of my 3 pugs have added alot of gray to my head this year. But for the love they provide me, I can live with it.

Penny looks so precious and festive in her red sweater.

I will continue to keep her in my well puggy thoughts and prayers.