Wednesday, September 9, 2009

1 2 3, Penny Wants You To Buy An ID

Penny did not feel like modeling my ID tags today.
But despite this, she was able to give me one
model-esque pose for this blog. This is
one sample of the ID tags I will be
selling next week on my Etsy
account, only with better
photos I swear.

I will post the link here for my etsy page in a few
days once everything is up and running.

I'll be listing both brass and aluminum tags
with 5 colors to choose from for the
name and phone number area.
I hope you and your sexy
dogs will like them!
I know Penny does.
She will seal every
order with a pug

Penny also wanted me to show you what she
was up to this morning. She was under the
bed for a while, when she emerged, she
had a long string on her face. It was
strange. She also had a cup of
whipped cream today! We
really need to go on
vacation, so I can
take some new

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