Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Penny Knows Tricks, Lots Of Tricks

But she isn't going to show you a trick,
unless you give her a treat.

There are a few tricks she will do without
a treat. This might be because she knows
all eyes are on her. For instance,
Penny loves sitting at the table
like a small child.

She sits on the ironing board, and will not let
me iron my clothes until I spoon her.

Rummaging through my bag is also something
that is sort of a hobby/trick for her.
She only goes for the good stuff,
like toilet paper.

She also loves making sexy pug shadow art,
and staring at her curvy silhouette.

She may not be the kind of dog that spins
and barks on command, but she's a genius
in my book for the clever things she
can do.


Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi dana and penny!

oh penny is so wonderful!

great pictures!

have a super day!

m & e

Marti said...

Hi Dana and Penny! Just thought I would check in on you two and see what you are up to! Penny is so talented, my Desi loves to sit at the table too. I posted a picture of him with his birthday beef cake on Pug Spot, you should check it out. Oh, it is also on Pugslife. I am Mom2Pugs