Saturday, October 10, 2009

Haunted Trailer In A Parking Lot

I was out running errands, and stumbled across
this tiny makeshift haunted house errected
in a parking lot. Kind of spooky. More so
during the day. You had to be here to
see how Texas Chainsaw this is.
Maybe because it has the title
of circus. Whoever put this
together, bravo to you. I
think it would creep me
out if I went into
this thing at
night. Any

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Salinger The Pug said...

Hi Penny (and Dana!).
Thanks for visiting my bloggie and admiring my sexy raincoat!

YOU, Penny are one FABULOUS Pug!!! Since you live in you have a showgirl outfit??? I REEEEEALLY want one, but they are hard to come by here in the Midwest!

We're adding you to our blogroll so we can read more about sexy thang!