Tuesday, August 18, 2009

While In The Bay, Penny Will Play

Smokin soy-balls Penny had fun while we were in San Francisco!

We had a 9-hour drive from here to San Francisco. I needed a
coffee badly that morning, and the barista was kind enough
to give Penny a cup of whipped cream, since she
practically jumped into the drive-thru window
and demanded it.

We brought pillows, and Penny made herself comfortable and
took over the car. She snored, snorted and passed beefy
pug gas the entire way.

When we arrived at the hotel, Penny ransacked my bag to find her toys.

She tried on my scarf to shield out the Bay Area cold. She then
proceeded to pass out after watching a little bit of TV. She
loves the Mighty Boosh on Adult Swim.

She enjoyed the mild weather that every pug deserves to
vacation in. She had plenty of time to play and sit on all
the benches in Golden Gate Park.

She put on her sexy face every morning in hopes
of meeting a beefy man pug.

Pondering life…snacks…and beefy dogs.

She snaps backs to her sexy face once she realizes she's on camera.

We paused here for a second after she jumped up
on my lap and wanted me to hold her like a baby.

Here she was by the water.

While Penny rested, I picked up some of my favorite cupcakes.

If Penny had M&M's for eyeballs. Drawing courtesy of my brother.

And we stopped for a snack.

On the ride back home, Penny slept on her back
and wanted to be held like a sexy pug.

The End

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