Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pugs Love Hollywood

While I was in Los Angeles this week, I had
a few hours to drive around and check out
the area. The traffic was disasterous, as
to be expected for LA, so I was not able
to explore as much as I had hoped.

While driving through the Beverly Hills
neighborhood, I spotted houses that
were so big, they looked as though
they could have been museums.
These houses exist to taunt the
general population, although
they are very beautiful to
look at. I wonder if one
of the tenants would
adopt me. I will
take care of
your dogs
as well as
paint for

While driving around, I ran into the house
Michael Jackson was renting. I was a huge
fan, so of course I stopped to take
photos! There were only 10 tour
busses going by the house
every minute so why not!

Check out this mailbox! I want one.

Finally it was time to say goodby to LA. I will
be going back, perhaps permanently if I
land a job there. I think Penny would
love it here. I saw quite a few pugs.
She was not able to join me on
this trip, but in a few weeks
she will be coming back to
LA with me and I will take
plenty of photos!

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