Friday, August 24, 2012

The Weekends Are For Pug Farts And Smiles

Hi Everyone!

It's almost the weekend!
Bruce and Daisy are going to take full advantage
of this weekend by throwing themselves a little party.
What do you have planned for the next few days?

"Did someone say party? 
I'll bring the snack mix, the Michael Jackson music, 
the disco ball and the video camera. Bruce is still pretty 
tired from the party we had last night,  
but I'm ready for more!"

"Alright, I'm awake now. I need to swing by Target 
and pick up some items. I need a pair of sexy new boxers 
and a gallon of milk before the fun kicks off."

"I'm thinking of taking out an ad for a personal pug shopper.
Bruce and I need a personal shopper badly. We could be planning 
this party more efficiently and sunning ourselves naked in the 
living room right now if we had someone to do our 
shopping. Any takers? I'm willing to pay in 
pug farts and smiles."

We hope you have a great weekend!


stellaroselong said...

We love target but we don't get to go very often...sounds like your party will be slamming as the kids say!!
Have a great weekend.
stella rose

Noodles said...

I loves loves loves to PAWty. Daisy, you look pretty ready but I think Bruce needs more sleep.
Love Noodles

Kitty+Coco said...

All I heard was Par-tay at Bruce and Daisy's house. Count us in!!!!! We will bring the cheetos and little fruity drinks with perfectly crushed ice.


Payton's mom said...

Daisy, you model the best flap-flips around! Love those expressions! Hope all three of you have a great weekend!

Winston Wilbur said...

OMP Bruce you are so funny. Yep I agree, we could all use a personal shopper!