Friday, December 23, 2011

They Had A Dream About Santa And He Was Wearing A Blue Spandex Jumpsuit And A Vest Made Out Of Cheerios

Hi Everyone!

Daisy, Bruce and I cannot believe Christmas
is this weekend!

Bruce is super excited about his first Christmas
with us. So excited in fact, he already tried
to open one of his gifts.

"I can actually explain this. See, I was
walking past the tree, and I saw my gift sitting on
the floor. There was a tear in the wrapping paper, and I
thought I might be able to fix it, but when I licked the
paper, the entire corner of the box just ripped off!"

"You're not buying any of my story are you?"

"It's true I tell you, all true!"

"Can we swing by Starbucks for a breakfast sandwich?
I could really go for a snackie right about now."

"Bruce has no patience. I would never open
a gift before Christmas."

"Look at this face."

"I don't want to toot my own
butt horn or anything, but this is the face
of an Angel."

"Let me take a moment to bow my head in silence,
and reflect on how patient I am."

"Are any of you baking cookies this weekend?
I want you to know that I am available to come
over to your houses and sample the cookies to
make sure they are delicious enough for Santa."

We hope you have a great Friday!


Pearl and Daisy said...

Hmmm...nice try, Bruce. We wish we had thought of trying to open our presies before Christmas!

And Daisy, we are all bowing our head's in silence thinking of your patience - and sexiness.

Merry Christmas!
Pearl & Daisy

The Mama Monster said...

Hahahah your butthorn!!!!!

Merry Christmas you three!!!!

Hank said...

Daisy, honey....I'LL toot yer butt horn for ya. You ARE a angel!

An' Bruce,'s okay. We buhlieve ya!

Merry Christmas!

Hank and Sarah

Tweedles -- that's me said...

But this is Bruce's first Christmas, and so I understand,, he just does not know the rules yet.
Daisy- you are right- you do have the face of an angel!
Lets get to tasting some cookies!