Monday, November 7, 2011

The Technician Gave Me A Cookie After I Flexed My Butt Muscles For Her

Hi Everyone!

How was your weekend?
On Saturday, I took Bruce to the vet for his check-up.
His appointment went really well, and I was very proud of him
for being so calm the entire time he was at the vet.

"Wait, what do you mean someone is going to
stick a thermometer in my rear end?"

"Hey, do you think you can buy me a puffer fish
when we get home?"

"Oh Geeze, the check- in lady just called me Lucy
instead of Brucie. I can tell this is going to be
a long afternoon."

"I'm in the pug room!
Did you guys know that I can flex my butt muscles?
That's a rare thing. Not every pug can do that."

"Listen, I just had a technician stick something in my butt.
I am going to need some whippy cream, and
a New York Times stat!"

"Did you hear what I just said? In my butt!"

"Hello whippy cream. I love you always and forever."


We hope you have a great Monday!


Salinger The Pug said...

IN THE BUTT????????????

LOL! Bruce, you are too cute! Mom didn't realize that you were a pirate puggy (arrrrrgh) without a patch!

Keep working those butt muscles! Well defined glutes on a ManPug are SEXXXY!


Mia said...

You got whippy!!! Isn't it wonderful?!?!? It's the least you deserve after they stuck that thermometer in your butt!! You keep flexing those butt muscles and the next time, they won't be able to get it in!!! ;)



Tiffy said...

There is no way I'm letting anyone stick anything up my butt. I think you should have refused, Bruce, but now you know better.

I am so looking forward to some whippy cream soon. Momma said I can have some for Christmas. The waiting is the hardest part!


The Mama Monster said...

Hahahaha poor Brucy!!!!

Pearl and Daisy said...

Wow that whippy cream looks yummaliscious. We're sorry to hear about your butt. We think those techs have a problem - they are ALWAYS sticking thermometers in puggies butts. What's up with that?!

Pug love from,
Pearl & Daisy

Archie and Melissa said...

hi brucie!

oh you are too cute!

yay for great checkups!

boo for thermometers!

yay for whippy cream!

:) xoxoxo
archie barchie

Lola said...

I would do anything for a whippy cream! Even the thermometer thing.

Scoutie said...

Oh Bruce. I think I'm in love with you! Of course, I think I'm in love with Daisy too...


martha said...

You see, Bruce, there's just no understanding what goes on at the vet's. And no understanding why sometimes humans decide to go there, when we know they could just as easily go to the park. Just roll with it, Dude, and look forward to the whippy cream!

Bennie and Martha

Tweedles -- that's me said...


Bring on whippy cream!