Monday, January 3, 2011

Say This Three Times Fast: The Snow In Vegas Tried To Melt Daisy's Pug Vanilla Cone Dream

Hi Everyone!

Did you enjoy your weekend?
Daisy and I kept our weekend pretty low key.
The weather has been cold here in Vegas,
so cold in fact, that we woke up to a
surprise earlier today. Snow!

"I don't get it. What is it? Does it taste
like a snow cone? If I squint my good eye, the
snow starts to look like a vanilla Dairy Queen cone."

"Okay, I'm done with this. Carry me inside,
and place me next to the fireplace. Do you have any
giant marshmallows? Maybe you can roast some of those
for me. As you roast those, I'll sit by the fire,
and watch my sexy pug shadow dance
in the light."

Daisy and I also took the weekend to finish our
pug painting. We'll be listing it on our Etsy page

"Is this supposed to be me?
Oh, it's not me? Who is this then?
Tell me now, exactly who is this?
Have you been cheating on me
with another pug?"

"Let me change one thing. I just want to add an
Elvis lip to this sexy pug. Where's the paint brush?
Paint brush now!"

Daisy and I hope you have a great Monday!


Melissa and Emmitt said...

oh my gosh dana and daisy!
i cannot tell you how much i love this post and your fabulous pug painting!
so wonderful!
melissa & emmitt

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Holy smokes
your painting is awsome!
And Daisy, I hope you in warming yourself by the fire, while you toast the masrshymellows

The Mama Monster said...

OMG love the painting!!!! I cannot believe it's snowing in Vegas!!! Craziness! Hope you two are staying warm!!!!

~The Monsters

Wilma said...

Well Daisy, you definitely have got the right idea of what to do in the snow. The carrying part is key. My friends from Vegas sent us pictures of their yard all covered in snow. So weird. Stay warm you sexy beast!

martha said...

Dana! Your painting is beautiful!! Don't worry, Daisy, momma's not cheating on you with another pug. She's probably working from her imagination. I hope she toasted you some really good marshmallows to help warm up from the Vegas Blizzard!

Becky said...

Such a cute painting! By all means stay warm! Your sweater looks really SEXY on you!!

Darwin said...

the pug painting is so awesome!