Friday, December 17, 2010

Take My Picture Before Santa Blinks!

Hi Everyone!

It's me Daisy. The other day, I went to see Santa!
I waited in line for over two hours to get my sexy photo
taken with Santa. I didn't really mind the wait, because I
made a lot of friends waiting in line. Human friends that is.
I tried to make friends with another small beefy dog,
but he tried to bite me in the face wrinkle, so I
was like whatever. I also saw another pug
in line. I didn't get to play with him
because he was in a stroller, and
refused to get out of it.

Here is what happened on my Santa journey.

"We're almost halfway through the line! Did you see that
other pug down there in the stroller? How come you haven't
purchased one of those for me yet? Hey, how do you
think my farts would air out sitting in one
of those?"

"I'm over waiting in this line. I'm going to take
measures into my own paws. Wait here."

"Hello ladies. How are we doing tonight? My name is Daisy.
I like deep tissue massages, gourmet chicken treats with
intense bursts of flavor in them, and purple poo bags
that smell like grape. Would you mind if I join
you up here?"

"Pssst. I'm at the front of the line! Don't worry about
how I got here, just hurry up before the manager notices!"

"Oh Geeez. I don't know which is worse, you embarrassing me,
or the fact that I just felt an intense fart vibration
under Mrs. Claus."

"Ok, listen close. I want a pony that can speak Spanish,
a pair of boots that light up when I walk, a cashmere blanket,
a 42 inch flat screen TV, a sexy man pug, and a lifetime
of purpley poo bags that smell like grape."

Happy Holidays!
It's one week until Christmas!


Heather and Walter said...

I am so struggling with your santa visit. The "sexy" santa visit. so wrong, and yet as you are such an adorable, irresistible pug. Auntie Heather and Uncle Walter will have to grant you all. Purple poop bags, sprayed with grape, sexy man pug, sexy linens for said man pug, and X-ray goggles so you can solve the mystery of just WHAT is vibrating underneath Mrs. Claus. My. Who knew Christmas could be so wrong. Much love. xoxoxo

dw said...

What great pictures! I hope you find all your heart desires under the Christmas tree, Daisy! Merry Christmas!

The Mama Monster said...

Hehehe you work your sexy way on up to the front of the line! =)

~The Mama Monster

Salinger The Pug said...

HAHAHA! Thanks for taking us along on your Sexy Santa visit!

Mom is LOL-ing that you asked Santa for stripper boots! HAHAHAHAA!

I'm going to see the FatMan tomorrow. I hope it's not the same one as last year....he had prison tats on his hands and kinda freaked me out.


martha said...

Oh Daisy, you make me laugh! I especially love your Christmas wish list. Oh, excuse me, I meant your Christmas list of demands!! Most of all, I hope Santa brings you a Spanish-speaking pony. You absolutely must have one of those!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

You had the most incredible santa visit..Q
My visit was not that exciting at all.
You entertained us the whole way,,, and you know what?
I hope you get all your wishes...I saw one of those spanish speaking ponys,, no wonder you want one!
Merry Christmas.

Sequoia & Petunia said...

Dasiy you look very sexy in the sweater. Gald to see you took matters into your own paws and slipped to the front of the line!

Yoda, Brutus & "Sally" said...

Daisy, we loved all of your pics, but the one with Santa & Mrs. Claus is just the best!!

Pugs & Kisses,

Yoda, Brutus & Sally

Those Elgin Pugs said...

OMD!!! We are'z catching up on your blog posts Daisy and this is hysterical!! Too much for Josie.. butt good stuff for me'z!!

Love your list Daisy!! HA HA!!