Monday, July 5, 2010

Vegas In July

Hi Everyone!

How was your Holiday weekend? Did you make it through
the 4th of July without sparkler burns? If so, virtual high
five! My family and I spent our 4th, at the best Mexican food
joint in Las Vegas, Lindo Michoacan! When I first moved here,
I had to taste some of the worst food, and most water down
margaritas ever, before I found this salsa gem.
It's delicious. You should check it out
if you are ever in town.

Daisy and I didn't see the fireworks this year in Vegas.
We would have had to fight the drunk downtown crowd for a spot
out there, and it was just too hot. We watched the New York
firework show on TV. It looked magical.

Daisy spent a good chunk of her Holiday weekend at Starbucks.
Daisy has decided that whipped cream is better than
puppachino's, and now she is prejudiced, and only wants
the whippy cream. I only give her a tiny bit of it.
She is working on her figure. She loves the
stuff, but she's not a maniac about it
like Penny was.

How were the fireworks where you live?


dw said...

Hi Daisy! I think it's a good thing you stayed home to watch fireworks on TV -- all the better to be served by your mama!! And to spend part of your weekend at Starbucks -- Mmmmmmmm! I was able to see part of our fireworks from the guest bedroom window! They divided our fireworks up this time instead of doing them all downtown, so the "north" part of the fireworks was probably two miles or so north of me, but I had a perfect view between and over the houses across the way to see all the sparklies! Happy 4th, part 2!!

Mama Monster said...

My family left us inside and went to a baseball game... Oh well, it was a quiet night at home!

I love Starbucks whipped cream, it's the best!!!


Jessica Lynne said...

I can see why Daisy likes whipped cream. It's quite a treat! It's one of the few foods that I miss since I've become a vegan.

JD and I are glad to hear about your holiday fun :]

Yoda & Brutus said...

Mom says she loves a good Mexican restaurant - bring on the margaritas!

Pugs & Kisses

Yoda & Brutus

Puglette said...

yummy! i love good mexican food. we spent our weekend at home, the doggies were barking and hiding from the neighborhood fireworks.
have a great week!

Those Elgin Pugs said...

Hello's Dana and Daisy!!!

Glads yous had a great 4ths and happy to hear Daisy indulged in 'da whippy creams!! Penny is smiling at 'dats for sures!!

Maybe next times Daisy can dips her cheetos in her whippy creams!! OOh..nows we's be hungry...HEY MOMMY!!!

Izzy, Josie and Anakin Man

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Hi Dana and Daisy
The mexican dinner sounded like the perfect kind of food.
And as far as the whippy cream, well, I can see why Daisy likes it!
We live far out in the country and had a lot of shooting going on, and also some peoples were putting off fire works- but there is such a fire hazzard.
We did not go anywhere to see any, we just stayed home and stayed safe