Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It's Wednesday And Sexy

Penny had an exhausting day yesterday.
She took a little trip to Starbucks, and had her
whipped cream fix. We had a guest over as well,
and Penny did not like him being in her personal space.
She guards me intensely, to the point where she
almost loses her pug voice because
of barking.

Penny has s special personality.
She is not the most sociable pug with certain
people, especially with men. I would never change her
though. She is who she is. Being blind certainly
hasn't made it any easier for her to let her
guard down and become comfortable. She
really loves people that are animal
lovers and just generally nice
people. I think she can
sense when people are
not comfortable
around her.

So she makes it a point to make them

Our guest had asked several times if Penny would bite.
I never say no for sure, because that's like asking me
if I would ever hit someone. You just never know in
certain situations. But I can say that she will
slap the beef out of certain people if they
don't supply a steady amount of whipped
cream. That's a serious situation.
Never deprive a sexy
pug of her

No one puts Baby, I mean Penny in the corner.

"I'm really sleepy, and you have a camera
in my face. Go bring me some chap stick
for my sexy lips. They need moisture."

Penny and I hope everyone has a great day!


Salinger The Pug said...



Penny, you and your mom have the SEXIEST sayings.

Was this "guest" a gentleman caller that might not have been up to par for your sexy mom? If so...we're glad you showed that turd who's boss!!!!!


Melissa and Emmitt said...

what a great post! moisture! too funny!

you two always make us smile!

Sequoia & Petunia said...

Get em Penny!

We thinks making them uncomfortables is a good ideas. You look so peaceful sleeping Penny!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Hi my cute little friend Penny.
You are such a little character girl like me - i think Penny.
I can almost loose my voice too.
I am a little unsocal
I think you SHOULD NOT let your guard down.
You must protect your mama, and demand whipped cream.
nitety nite my little friend.

Pearl said...

Penny, you are so funny! You just keep guarding your momma from non-dog people. They stink.

Nevis said...

I think when you meet the RIGHT man Penny will be just fine with him. :)

Winston (smilingpug) said...

Penny is great the way she is.... she is protecting what means the most to her, You!

agent99 said...

Penny, I think you are just making sure momma meets the right people! I am sure you'll be very freindly when the right person for your momma comes a-callin'
We LOVE your sexy self!

Gen & the Foo