Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Penny and I want to wish everyone a
Merry Christmas! We can't wait to
read your blogs and see how
everyone spent the

I'm sure Penny will also want to see what
types of toys the pugs received. She needs to
start making her wish list for next year.

Penny couldn't wait to unwrap her gifts.
She tore all the bows off the gifts under the tree.
She even unraveled a few bows, so I couldn't stick them
back on the gifts. Yes, I reuse pug slobbered bows.
In my book, it's Ok to re-gift and reuse these
even with a few acquired teeth marks.

"I'm taking this, and you can't
stop me!"

"Trade me. I'll give you the bow,
and you give me eight pieces of
kibble. Then, we'll do it
all over again."

"I have no idea what you're talking about.
This bow was already unraveled on the
floor. I just found it like this."

"I promise, I'll never steal
another bow again. I love you.
Merry Christmas!"


Stubby said...

Hi Dana & Penny! Merry Christmas! I see that Santa stopped by while I was sleeping and I'm off to open my presents soon.

I'm glad to hear that you reuse bows with pug slobber. It's much better to reuse them then to throw them away because there's already too many bows in landfills.

Penny looks so sexy with all those bows! A real lady likes her bows just where she likes them.

Have a great Christmas!

Stubby xoxo

Melissa and Emmitt said...

Merry Merry Christmas Penny and Dana

What a perfect post!

Have a wonderful day!

Melissa and Emmitt

Winston (smilingpug) said...

Looks at you! Merry Christmas Penny. Love the new bow look! Sexy!


Salinger The Pug said...

Penny, you are the sexiest Christmas Puggy ever!


PugMoon - with, Bandit, Paisley, & Smokey pugs and their Mom Paula - PAPugMom said...

Oh Penny, you are the cutest Christmas puggy.