Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sexy Trick-Or-Treat Face

Penny loves to hang out near our Halloween lights.
She looks so festive here!

While Penny has been busy watching TV and admiring the
lights these past few days, I have been unloading everything
in my room and closet for some construction that is about
to get underway. The association in charge of all the
condo units where I live, are essentially kicking
us out of our unit for a week.

The back story to this is that apparently, when the
condo units were built, some things were not done
properly or at all. Including electrical wiring,
and other things that eventually resulted in a
lawsuit. Now, odds and ends that should
have been taken care of when this
place was first built, must be
repaired to all units,
right now.

Technically, we can stay in our unit when the
work is underway for the next 5 days. But
there is a catch. If the tenants have
animals that bark or are disruptive,
the animals cannot be in the unit
when the laborers are working.

Penny has a tendency to bark at strangers.
She would never bite, but the people
working in my unit don't know this.
So, we are making plans to be
elsewhere for the upcoming
week, while this is all
being done.

It's beyond an inconvenience, and the association
is not willing, thus far, to compensate the
tenants for the hassle to vacate for a
week. We are trying to make the best
of the situation. Needless to say,
we have our hands full.

We are not going to let this mess intrude on our daily
plans. Penny is going to be spending a lot of time at
the park. She will also be watching as many
Halloween scary movies as she can possibly
fit into her pug schedule. She may even
have time to leave some trick-or-treat
bags filled with poop in the cars of
those that are in charge
of this mess.

Unfortunately, due to all this, we were not able to
make it to Pug-O-Rama today. I'm going to have to
make it up to Penny. She was really looking
forward to wearing her costume. At least
she was before the temperature reached
95 degrees today. I'll be posting
pictures of Penny in her costume
as soon as it cools down
a bit.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi dana and penny!

oh my goodness! well, i am just so glad they are fixing your home and that it will only take a week.

i love how you are embracing it as an adventure! good for you!

m & e