Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Summer Of Bugs

Penny and I have discovered some curious bugs while
adventuring around Las Vegas these last few months.
Penny is fascinated by these creatures. The main
bugs she has ever been around are ants, bees
and butterflies. Does that mean Penny has
been sheltered too much? I never let her
get close to these bugs. I don't know
which ones will devour or sting, so
it's better to play it safe.

You just don't see tarantula's, giant beetles that chase
pugs, and flying insects that resemble dragons in
the San Francisco Bay Area. And that's a
good thing.

We thought we would share some photos
with you. We took a few of these photos
at Lake Mead, which was a sight
from afar, but up close,
not so pleasant.

Run for it!

We love Ladybugs

We don't love giant spiders

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