Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sunny And Hot With A Chance Of Whipped Cream

Penny has been inside today doing absolutely nothing.
The heat has made it impossible for her to go out,
but she did have time to enjoy a tasty snack.
Whipped cream is her favorite treat!
Here are some photos of her
approaching the drive-thru
window at Starbucks.

She has been trying to occupy herself, by driving
me crazy this weekend. She was so intent on
obtaining snacks yesterday, she tried out
one of her newest karate moves on me.
As I was sitting on the floor, she ran
toward me at full force, jumped in
the air, and kicked me to the
ground with her front paws.

She must have learned this by watching something
on television, because I have never seen anything
like it. I wish I had video footage to prove this
actually happened because it was awesome!
Since I don't have photos of the actual
karate kick, here is a photo of Penny
doing her serious, yet sexy face

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