Saturday, August 22, 2009

Lost Wiener Dog

I spent much of last night trying to help a lost daschund dog.

I was out walking Penny last night before bed, and out pops
a screaming lost little wiener dog from the shadows.
He wouldn’t let me, or the security guard come
near him. I let him be, and left a big bowl of
water around the corner, so that every time
he ran around the block he would have
something to drink. It’s still 100
degrees at night here and that
wiener must have ran in
circles at least 70 times.

He seemed to know where he lived, and was wearing a collar,
but he was locked out, and the owners were gone for the
night. I watched him for a while from my balcony and he
came to get water every once in a while. A while later, I
heard a woman chasing him, trying to catch him, and
the little wiener was running away screaming for his
life. Why would you chase a dog away in terror that
seems to know where he lives? This act of chasing
the dog out of the area he knew, made him even
more lost and he has not been found. If she
would have left him alone, he would have
been ok until the owners returned.

I heard other dogs inside the condo, so I don’t know
how this little wiener got out all by himself.
I wish the animal owners of Las Vegas
and everyone else would learn to
secure their animals and keep
them safe! Dogs are stolen,
lost and hit by traffic
every day!

When I leave for a few hours, I secure Penny in
the master bedroom and put a baby gate up
in the doorway. When I return, there is no
way she can get out the front door and
squeeze past me. It’s much safer,
and she still has a huge room to
roam and relax in while i'm

Today Penny and I continued to look for the dog.
The owners still hadn’t found him. Turns out,
he had been badly abused in his life, and
they had just adopted him a few months
ago, which explains why he is afraid of
people. I hope he will be found,
but in this city, finding a lost
animal is like finding a
needle in a dessert.
Unless they are

Photo from iStockPhoto, Chris Brock

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