Thursday, July 16, 2009

Beefy Dog Separation. Someone Break Out The Junk Food

Penny just found out her next door neighbor bulldog
boyfriend is moving! She's been upset by this lately.
They were hanging out last night, and as his beefy
bulldog butt walked away, he turned to give her
one last beefy love look.

I wish I had a picture of them together. They are
ridiculously cute. This is Penny's first boyfriend.
She's pretty anti-social with other dogs, so
the fact that she gets along with him so
well is a rarity.

If anyone in the Las Vegas or San Francisco area
wants to get their beefy dogs together let me
know. I'm thinking about starting a Beefy
Dog Social. I may have to bring a beefy
substitute dog since Penny isn't all
that social. She might be into it
though if there are other dogs
there that are beefy and
around her size.

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