Thursday, July 2, 2009

Antibiotics Taste Better with Dessert

I’m sure a lot of pet parents find it difficult to find ways to get
your pet child to take their medications or antibiotics.
I know I did over the years when Penny had to be on
medication for various reasons.

I always struggled with the “put in your dogs mouth and
get her to swallow it.” I couldn’t bear it, so I got creative.

I bought some fat-free Cool Whip and put about a spoonful
on a plate. I hid the pill(s) in it and she never knew.

Sometimes I would break the pill in half if the doctor gave the
OK. She thought the Cool Whip was so delicious,
she literally swallowed the pills with one lick.

I still do this if she needs antibiotics.
It also started the habit and her love of whipped cream
and cool whip. She knows what both containers look like,
and she needs it badly if someone has it out.

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